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What to Do If Different Cosmetic Surgery Consultations Give You Different Answers

Male doctor sitting with female patient by window, smiling
Before you schedule your cosmetic surgery procedure, you’ll want to set up a consultation with one or many even two or three cosmetic surgeons to get a better idea about the various options that are available to you. While there can be benefits to getting a few different opinions before choosing which is right for you, Read More.

Should You Add Breast Implants to Your Breast Lift?

Young sexy blonde woman is doing stretching exercises
For many women, breast sagginess is a concern. Whether due to pregnancy and breastfeeding or merely how the breasts developed, sagginess can cause problems for your self-esteem and make purchasing bras and tops harder. While there are plenty of creams and exercises people claim will perk up the breasts, there is only one real solution: Read More.

If that Post-Baby Bulge Won’t Budge, a Tummy Tuck May Help

Castellano - slim woman body isolated
Life changes after children. Your priorities are different, you see the world through new eyes and everything is a potential hazard that you need to help your children navigate.  Also different? Your body. The vast majority of mothers experience notable changes in their bodies post-baby, including looser abdominal muscles and muscle separation, loose skin and Read More.

What’s Vaginal Rejuvenation and Should You Try It?

Woman wearing red top
Until the advent of vaginal cosmetic procedures, there was no way to effectively or safely alter the size or contours of a woman’s most intimate body parts. Vaginal rejuvenation is one of the fastest growing areas of cosmetic surgery, with more and more women discovering the options for beautifying, rejuvenating and improving the functionality of their vaginas. Read More.

Can a Mommy Makeover Give You an Hourglass Shape?

Castellano - Mommy Makeover
The hourglass shape has long been considered the most feminine of figures. Featuring a large bust, small waist and curvy hips and thighs, it can be seen in everything from Renaissance art to modern films.  And it’s no surprise that when women opt for a mommy makeover to reclaim their body, they want to get Read More.

Should You Bring a Friend to Your Breast Augmentation Consult?

Two friends laughing
The prospect of getting cosmetic surgery can be both exciting and daunting. There is the thrill of knowing you are taking a step towards the look you want to achieve, but at the same time, surgery is a big deal. Not to mention all the choices you need to make, such as the size and Read More.

All about Breast Implant Sizes & Profiles

Tits correction. Plastic surgery
Getting breast augmentation isn’t as simple as deciding what bra size you want to be. There are shapes, profiles and materials to consider — plus, sizing isn’t as straightforward as you might think. Here is what you need to know heading into your breast augmentation consultation.  Consider Your Overall Shape Before you can determine what Read More.

All Tummy Tucks Aren’t Created Equal & More Need-to-Know Facts

Beach vacation. Beautiful woman in sunhat and bikini enjoying summer trip
Tummy tuck: it is a term we have all heard, usually in reference to how celebrities manage to bounce back so well after having children. But most of us don’t know all that much about this procedure. Before you jump into the process of getting your own abdominoplasty, here are some key facts about tummy Read More.

4 Cosmetic Surgery Lies from Celebrity Tabloids

Tabloid - Cosmetic Surgery
We all see the headlines in the supermarket checkout line. Many celebrities demonstrate a “more is more” approach to cosmetic enhancement that’s just not reflective of how subtle and natural cosmetic procedures can look when performed by a skilled surgeon with good taste and restraint. To illustrate the point, here are four examples of tabloid Read More.

What’s Inside Natrelle Gummy Bear Breast Implants?

Breast Implants - Castellano March 2021
There have been many advances in the field of cosmetic surgery over recent years, including new technologies that improve breast augmentation results. One of the most notable is the Natrelle implant, also known as the gummy bear implant. What’s in a Natrelle breast implant, and what makes these special? Let’s take a look. Natrelle Implant: Read More.

3 Reasons to Be Thankful for the Periareolar Incision

beauty brunette woman after bath topless
As you look forward to your breast augmentation, there are many things to be excited about, like a fuller chest, better cleavage and an easier time shopping for clothes. But you might also be thinking about certain downsides — namely, the scars the surgery leaves behind.  However, not all breast augmentation incisions are created equal.  Read More.

Over or Under the Muscle: Where Should Your Breast Implants Go?

Castellano - Breast Implant
When you decide that breast augmentation is the right cosmetic surgery for you, that is the first of many choices you need to make. Next, you need to think about shape, volume, projection and filling. Oh, and also, implant placement. If you haven’t read much about breast augmentation yet, that might sound odd. We all Read More.

How a Mommy Makeover Changes You Mentally & Physically

Happy young mother playing with daughter
Motherhood is all about giving. Your body gives everything to each of your children for nine months — and that is only the beginning. From forgoing self-care activities to sacrificing new wardrobe items to ensure your children have the very best, moms continuously put others before themselves, especially their children. Over time, this can snowball Read More.

What Goes Great with a Mommy Makeover? Kids at Home to Help You Heal

Mom watching an online video with her kids.
If you’ve had children, then more than likely you’ve experienced some changes to your body. Some of these changes are good. However, there are some changes that have some moms wishing they could hit the refresh button on their bodies. If you are looking to rejuvenate your look post-pregnancy, a mommy makeover may be just Read More.

Could Your Breast Augmentation Scar Really Be Invisible?

Woman in a strapless black bikini top on the beach.
Men and women choose to get cosmetic surgery to improve their appearance in some way. Yet, the scarring left behind may cause some people to feel self-conscious of their new look — at least until the scars fade. Luckily, there are ways to minimize the appearance of scars, or even render them nearly invisible. One Read More.

How to Know When the Time is Right for a Mommy Makeover

Mother and son sitting on a white couch embracing and playing.
No doubt, your children are the greatest joys in your life. But that doesn’t mean you need to be pleased with the marks they have left on your body. Many women will experience skin laxity, sagging breasts and weakened abdominal muscles after becoming mothers, and for some, this can be bothersome. A mommy makeover can Read More.

Is Lipo the Surprise Add-on Your Breast Augmentation Needs?

Woman holding her long hair up before she works out.
Combining cosmetic procedures is incredibly common but not all clients realize how beneficial some of these combinations can be. Sure, skin removal with a  tummy tuck is intuitive, but what about getting liposuction and breast augmentation at the same time? You just might be surprised. A Little Trim, a Little Boost It is well-known that Read More.