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Breast Reduction

For every woman who wishes her breasts were larger, many others wish they had smaller breasts. Breast reductions for Tampa women are performed in cases where breast size is causing physical discomfort, unwelcome attention and self-consciousness. Reducing the size of the breasts can lead to a more svelte figure and improved self-esteem.

Request a consultation at our practice to meet with Dr. Joseph J. Castellano and learn more about breast reductions. Dr. Castellano is an experienced and talented cosmetic surgeon with postdoctoral training in cosmetic surgery techniques. Everyone at Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center is devoted to providing a satisfying, comfortable experience and beautiful results.

When Breast Reduction Is Right

Women who may be considering breast reduction should already be in good basic health, and should also maintain realistic expectations about the results of the procedure. Often, there may be some health concerns directly related to an enlarged breast size. This primarily includes neck, shoulder and back pain, although there are often secondary health problems as well. For example, the weight of the breasts can make it challenging to take deep breaths, or the skin underneath the breasts and where the bra straps dig into the shoulders can become red and inflamed. Even regular exercise may be quite painful for women who have larger breasts.

What to Expect

Initially, patients will schedule a consultation with Dr. Castellano to discuss expectations. Breast reduction is a personal choice and only you can decide the ideal outcome for your personal goals. The procedure can reduce the breasts by several cup sizes, while also improving breast shape.

During the procedure, excess skin and fatty tissue will be removed. The remaining breast tissue will be reshaped into more proportionate contours to suit your body frame. The size of the areola may also be reduced in order to maintain correct proportions with your new breasts. A breast reduction may be accomplished by one of several available techniques. Some techniques require multiple incisions. However, like other breast enhancement procedures, Dr. Castellano will hide the incisions around the areola and within the curve along the underside of the breasts as much as possible.

Recovery and Results

Recovery time varies following a breast reduction. Many women feel only minor discomfort as their incisions heal and swelling diminishes. Dr. Castellano will ask patients to wear a special support bra for the first few weeks in order to minimize swelling and reduce the amount of motion your breasts are subjected to in your daily activities. A return to your daily routine is often possible within a week or two after the procedure, although high-impact exercise and activity should wait a bit longer.

After healing, individuals may find vigorous exercise easier than it was before, as their smaller breasts will be less cumbersome and painful during such activities. Back pain, neck pain and other former health issues that lingered as a result of excess breast size should also be diminished.

Some women with very large breasts experience neck or back pain as a result of this excess weight. Breast reduction surgery can alleviate discomfort and offer more proportionate results.

With Other Procedures

Along with their breast reduction, some Tampa women may also require liposuction to further sculpt the breast area or remove fatty deposits under the arm to help enhance results. In cases where reducing the breast size may cause sagging of the breast overall, a breast lift may be performed as well.

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