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Thigh Lift

At Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, a thigh lift, or thighplasty, lends patients a more slender appearance by removing loose skin folds on the inner or outer thighs. Skin may slacken with age, gravity or because of weight loss. Through a discreet incision, Dr. Joseph J. Castellano lifts the thighs back to a more youthful appearance, leaving a slender and more toned-looking silhouette.

Request a consultation at our practice to meet with Dr. Castellano and learn more about your thigh lift options. Tampa Bay cosmetic surgeon Dr. Castellano has the skill and experience necessary to help you look your best, while at the same time ensuring a positive, comfortable experience from Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center.

When a Thigh Lift Is Right

Dr. Castellano performs thigh lifts for reasons very similar to other lift procedures:

  • Needing excess skin removed following weight loss

    Anyone who has fought hard to lose a lot of weight may be distressed to find that, although the target goal has been reached, their body still doesn’t look slim and trim. This is because skin is not able to shrink up at the same rate which fat is lost, leaving hanging folds behind after rapid weight loss.

  • Body changes due to aging

    Skin loses its elasticity naturally as we age. Between this loss and the forces of gravity, the skin can begin to look droopy, particularly in larger areas such as the thighs. A thigh lift helps patients have younger-looking legs instead of loose skin.

  • Improving your overall appearance

    Genetics and other factors can contribute to us being less than thrilled with how we look. Sometimes thighs still look flabby and un-toned regardless of how much we’re dieting and exercising. If you’ve tried everything but your legs still look unattractive, a thigh lift may be able to help.

What to Expect

The procedure used to perform a thigh lift can vary from patient to patient, depending on their specific needs. For example, a medial thigh lift requires an incision at the inside of the thigh; a lateral lift at the outside. During your consultation, you and Dr. Castellano will dicuss your concerns and come up with an individualized plan to best suit your goals.

Dr. Castellano makes every effort to hide the scar within the natural contours of the body: along the fold of the groin, or along the curve of the hip. Incision lengths and placement vary depending on how much skin and fat need to be removed.

Through the incision, Dr. Castellano will tighten and reshape your underlying musculature and remove any excess skin. The total procedure time is usually a few hours. A thigh lift may be combined with liposuction or a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) for improved overall body contour.

Recovery and Results

Your new lower body contours should be apparent almost immediately, although some initial swelling is quite common. Depending on incision placement, the scars should be hidden by your normal clothing.

In the first few days following your thigh lift, many patients feel a sensation of tightness in their thighs and their legs may be swollen. Dr. Castellano encourages plenty of walking during the first 2 days after surgery.

Normal (light) activities can often be resumed within a week. Those with a more active lifestyle may need to take it easy for several more weeks. Be sure follow Dr. Castellano’s post-operative instructions and do not push yourself too quickly.

While a thigh-lift is typically a one-time procedure with long-lasting results, it’s important to follow a healthy diet and exercise to maintain those results. Gaining weight after your procedure could undo the outcome you worked so hard for.

With Other Procedures

Dr. Castellano may also combine a thigh lift with a buttocks lift or with liposuction in order to more completely reshape the lower body. Although liposuction can remove excess fat, it will not remove loose skin, so oftentimes lipo is combined with other procedures.

Including a buttocks lift and liposuction along with your thigh lift can offer more comprehensive results and give you a slimmer, more toned lower body.

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