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Neck Lift

Along with the face, the neck is prone to sagging and wrinkling with age. Although there are treatments that can diminish surface wrinkles and age spots, the only way to really tighten up a sagging neck and jaw line is through a neck lift. Tampa Bay native Dr. Joseph J. Castellano has the skills and experience needed to restore your neck to more youthful contours by addressing the sagging jowls and skin, which hide the natural lines of the jaw, chin and neck.

Request a consultation at our practice to meet with Dr. Castellano and learn more about whether a neck lift may be right for you.

When a Neck Lift Is Right

The skin on the neck often ages even more quickly than facial skin, and can be one of the areas where aging is most noticeable. There are several indications that a neck lift may be the right option for you. If skin is hanging in folds under your jaw due to aging or rapid weight loss, a neck lift can remove the excess skin to reveal slimmer lines. Localized fat deposits and muscle slackness underneath the chin can also both be addressed through a neck lift. Those who are happiest with their results maintain realistic expectations about the procedure, and are in good physical and mental health overall.

What to Expect

A neck lift by itself will take a few hours to perform, although this time may be extended if the surgery is combined with additional procedures such as a facelift. Weak and sagging neck muscles will be manipulated and tightened underneath the skin through the use of incisions, which are made under the chin and behind the ears. Dr. Castellano places the incisions in such a way that they will be hidden in the natural contours of the neck, and should not be noticeable after healing is completed.

More about Neck Lifts and Other Facial Procedures

Recovery and Results

After the procedure, you will likely feel and look swollen and sore. Bruising is another common after-effect of a neck lift. Some of our Tampa patients may experience temporary numbness or tingling, and your neck will probably feel tighter than usual. Dr. Castellano requires patients to wear a special compression bandage for at least the first week, which will help reduce swelling and minimize discomfort while offering protection to the area.

Light activities may be resumed within a couple weeks, although more vigorous exercise should wait for about a month. Although healing times vary, the final results of your neck lift should be visible in a month or two, once the swelling has dissipated completely and the healing process is largely completed.

With Other Procedures

Neck lifts are often performed in combination with other procedures. Facelifts and neck lifts are very complementary and may be done at the same time to achieve a dramatically younger-looking face and neck area. Often a brow lift or eyelid surgery can also be part of this makeover. Liposuction may be included as part of the neck lift process, assisting to remove fat deposits in order to provide more fine-tuned shaping of the neck area. In some cases, BOTOX® Cosmetic may be used to address wrinkles on the neck, although these injections may be administered separately on an outpatient basis.

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For those considering a neck lift or lower rhytidectomy in Tampa, Dr. Joseph Castellano gives an overview of the procedure and what to expect.

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