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4 Smart Tips for a Gorgeous Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can have a lasting impact on the body, leaving behind excess stomach skin, sagging breasts and stubborn pockets of fat. These changes can take an emotional toll, causing women to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, women who want to reboot their bodies can opt for a customized combination of cosmetic surgery procedures known as a mommy makeover. If you’re ready to reclaim your pre-baby body, read on for how to get gorgeous mommy makeover results.

1. Be a Good Candidate

The best mommy makeover candidates are women in good health. Smokers need not apply, so if cigarettes are your vice you’ll need to kick the habit before a mommy makeover. It helps to be close to your target weight beforehand.

   Embracing a healthy, active lifestyle can best prepare you for gorgeous mommy makeover results.

2. Communicate with Your Cosmetic Surgeon

A mommy makeover is customizable, and many women include tummy tuck, breast enhancement and liposuction in their procedure. If you’re getting breast implants as part of your mommy makeover, discuss your goals with your cosmetic surgeon. Share photos of how you’d like your outcome to look so you can be sure to pick the perfect breast implant size for your goals.

3. Include a Med Spa Procedure

There’s no vacation from being a mom, but including a med spa procedure with your mommy makeover can help you look refreshed. BOTOX®, dermal fillers or a skin rejuvenation treatment can be added to your mommy makeover to revitalize your appearance.

4. A Smooth Recovery

A smooth recovery is vital to your overall results. Plan ahead to set up child care for the first week or so following your mommy makeover, and enlist support for tasks around the house. Use this well-deserved downtime to relax.