Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Implants

Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Implants

Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Implants

For women from Tampa to Orlando, looking your very best is simply part of the Florida beach culture. That’s one reason why breast augmentation was the most popular cosmetic procedure in 2012. Yet, feeling great about your breast enhancement involves more than just going bigger. Choosing the right breast implants is a key factor toward ensuring outstanding results.

The Right Size Matters

The first thing most women think about is implant size, and it’s only natural to size up implants in terms of your ideal bra size. Unfortunately, using bra size as a benchmark isn’t the most accurate way to get great breast augmentation results. Breast implants are measured according to volume, not according to cup size. This means that two women who receive the same sized implants may end up with very different cup sizes. Your end result bra size depends on several different factors besides your implants, including your existing breast tissue volume and existing frame.

It’s important not to get hung up on specific sizes when considering breast augmentation. Instead, bring several photo examples of your ideal breast size and profile to your initial consultation. This will give your surgeon an idea of your appearance goals, and then choose the correct implant size to help achieve that goal.

It’s also important to think about other factors besides just your appearance when choosing your implant size. For example, women who are very athletic may find that larger implants impede their daily activities, or become too painful during exercise to maintain their normal routine. Think about your body as just one element in your life, and then choose your implant size to meet both appearance goals and real life needs.

Profile and Placement

Breast implants come in different profiles and shapes to allow for fully customizable results. A high profile implant projects further out from the body, and will deliver more volume at the top of the breast, or upper pole. A medium or low profile implant generally will lend a more gradual slope to the breasts. High profile implants are often used for women who want more dramatic results.

Breast augmentation results are also affected by implant shape. Implants may be round, or may be more of a teardrop shape. Round implants, like high profile implants, may deliver more dramatic looking results, while teardrop shaped implants can more closely mimic the natural curve of the breast.

Finally, the placement you choose also affects your end results. When implants are placed over the muscle but below the natural breast tissue, or subglandular placement, this tends to create more pronounced cleavage. However, some surgeons and patients may prefer submuscular placement, in which implant pockets are created underneath the muscles of the chest. This can result in better breast augmentation longevity, as the implants will resist gravity better with the added support of the chest muscles.

Ensuring Successful Surgery

So, which combination of implant size, type and placement is right for you? The answer is different for every woman. The build and frame of your body, your existing natural breast tissue, your ideal results and even your lifestyle all weigh in as factors to consider when deciding on the best options for your breast augmentation surgery. During your initial consultation, you and you surgeon will discuss all of these factors and more, working together to deliver a satisfying result.

Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Breast Implants
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Breast Augmentation: Choosing the Best Breast Implants
Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano explains how the best breast augmentation results rely on a variety of factors including breast implant size, implant shape and profile, and their placement during surgery.
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