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Breast Lift, Breast Augmentation or Both?

Updated for 2019

Many women automatically assume that “breast enhancement” translates directly to “getting breast implants.”

As effective as breast augmentation can be, that doesn’t mean that getting implants is the only option for improving your figure. When can a breast lift be the better option instead?

Benefits of Breast Implants

The most obvious benefit of breast implants is gaining a cup size or two. Implants can be ideal for women who want a curvier figure, or who are concerned that their natural breasts are too small for their frame.

Today’s implants offer a more customizable look than ever before, including a wide range of implant types, shapes and profiles that can be mixed and matched to each individual woman’s needs and preferences.

The best thing about breast enhancement is that it’s rarely a matter of either/or.

However, breast implants won’t change the placement of the breasts if they look low or droopy — and that’s where a breast augmentation with a breast lift comes in.

Candidates for Breast Lifts

If your breasts seem saggy or sit lower than you’d like, you may be a better candidate for a breast lift. While it’s commonly believed that breast implants will perk up drooping breasts, the opposite tends to be true.

Instead of weighing breasts down with extra volume, a breast lift raises and reshapes your natural assets for a firmer, perkier profile.

The Best of Both Worlds

For many women, a combination breast lift plus implants can deliver the best of both worlds: a more generous cup size combined with a more youthful breast placement.

Your surgeon can help you decide which approach will bring out the best in your body.