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Brazilian Butt Lift

During a Brazilian butt lift at our Tampa clinical facility, Dr. Joseph J. Castellano uses the patient’s own fat as a filler to augment the buttocks. Through fat transfer, Dr. Castellano removes fat cells from less desirable locations (like love handles or upper arms), prepares the cells for reinjection, and then injects them into the buttocks for a rounder, fuller appearance. Using tissue from the patient’s body reduces the risk of rejection or infection.

Request a consultation at our practice to meet with Dr. Castellano and learn more about the innovative Brazilian butt lift. A skilled Tampa Bay cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Castellano knows exactly how important it is to look and feel your best. Everyone at Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center is devoted to helping patients achieve beautiful results.

More about Brazilian Butt Lifts

When a Brazilian Butt Lift Is Right

Women and men commonly choose a Brazilian butt lift to look better in a swimsuit, fit better in a wider range of clothes, or just to feel better about their appearance. The patients who are happiest with their procedure are those who maintain realistic expectations about the results. Patients also need to have suitable amounts of fat deposits elsewhere on the body which may be harvested for the procedure.

What to Expect

A Brazilian butt lift is actually a fat transfer procedure rather than an implant procedure. As such, the first step is to harvest donor fat cells from the patient’s body. Dr. Castellano first performs liposuction in areas such as the flanks, thighs or lower abdomen to obtain viable fat cells. This liposuction has the added benefit of accentuating the contour of the buttocks by comparison.

After the fat cells have been removed, they are carefully purified and processed. Only a small portion of the donor fat will be acceptable for reinjection into the buttocks. Dr. Castellano uses a special syringe to carefully transfer the fat back into the desired location. Injections are usually placed across varying depths and areas to encourage better absorption rates and further sculpt the buttocks. A surgeon like Dr. Castellano, who is experienced in the fat transfer process, is a must to achieve the best results.

Recovery and Results

If the process of fat harvesting and injection is done properly, the results of your lift should last a long time without touch-ups. However, since the overall area of the buttocks is larger, it is possible that repeated injections will be needed to achieve the desired results. In some cases, the transferred fat cells may not all be viable, and the procedure will need to be repeated to inject additional cells.

Following the procedure, the area should be supported with foam tape to help hold its new shape. Healing time is usually minimal, although if extensive liposuction was performed, there may be some initial discomfort or bruising.

With Other Procedures

A Brazilian butt lift at our Tampa clinic requires the simultaneous use of liposuction in order to harvest fat cells for transfer. However, fat transfers themselves are not limited to the buttock area. Lips and cheeks are also areas where a fat transfer may be used rather than a synthetic injectable. The likelihood of allergic reaction or rejection of the implant is virtually eliminated through the use of the patient’s own tissues, so the same results may be achieved with less risk of complications.

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