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Liposuction Options

Choosing to have liposuction is an exciting life step, but you’ll have to make a few important decisions about your procedure. Depending on where your problem spots are and your ideal results, you can select the right areas for targeted liposuction and whether to combine your treatment with any other procedures.

Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Joseph J. Castellano and learn more about your options for liposuction. A native of Tampa Bay, Dr. Castellano is known as one of the best liposuction surgeons in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.

About Liposuction

While there are a number of new liposuction techniques, tumescent liposuction is considered the gold standard of this popular body contouring procedure. Also known as traditional liposuction, this approach uses a sterile saline solution to break apart fat cells in the subcutaneous layer, making them easier for removal. The technique relies heavily on surgical skill to shape and sculpt the body into subtly smoother and natural-looking contours.

Most Popular Lipo Target Areas

Liposuction is one of the most versatile cosmetic procedures because it can be applied almost anywhere on the body. Everyone’s body stores fat a little differently, so there is no single best place for liposuction when it comes to achieving your goal look. However, there are common trouble spots that many people share:

  • Love Handles

    The love handles are notoriously difficult to slim down with diet and exercise. Liposuction can streamline your torso by reducing these bulges, highlighting your waist and hips.

  • Upper Arms

    The upper arms often carry pads of excess fat, especially in people who have struggled with weight fluctuations. Applying liposuction to this area can help create smoother contours in the arms, accentuate muscle definition and highlight the shoulders.

  • Ab Sculpting

    Ab sculpting is a term often applied to liposuction of the abdomen. An ab sculpting procedure uses a small cannula to carefully remove fat in the target area to emphasize a hidden six-pack and flatten the stomach.

  • Inner Thighs

    The inner thighs can carry excess fatty tissue, which may cause them to rub together when walking or running, creating chafing and other skin irritations. When applied to this region, liposuction can provide slimmer thighs and better physical comfort.

  • Bra Bulge

    The back may store fat that causes a flabby, undefined appearance. In women, this fat can cause bulges around the bra straps. Contouring the back with liposuction can enhance definition of the back and help bras and swim suits fit more comfortably.

  • Male Breasts

    The male breasts may store unwanted fat or tissue due to gynecomastia, a hormonal imbalance, or simply due to weight fluctuations. Liposuction for men often includes sculpting the chest to a more masculine shape.

  • Double Chin

    A double chin is often hereditary and can be impossible to get rid of without surgery. Liposuction is one of the most popular solutions for this common aesthetic concern.

If you have a problem spot that is not listed here, you’re not alone. Men and women also have liposuction performed in areas like the ankles, the neck and the knees. Ask Dr. Castellano about your options during your consultation.

Procedures to Consider

While liposuction can create beautiful results as a standalone treatment, many people choose to combine procedures for a more comprehensive approach. Some of the most common procedures to combine with liposuction include:

  • A tummy tuck
  • An arm lift
  • A thigh lift

Many women choose to include liposuction in a mommy makeover to restore a pre-pregnancy appearance.

Scheduling Considerations

One of the most important considerations when planning your liposuction procedure is whether you are at your target weight. Liposuction is not a weight loss procedure. Instead, the treatment can fine-tune your figure by slimming persistent fat bulges to reveal the true shape that lies underneath. If you’re working toward your weight loss goals, it’s important that you are at or very close to your target weight and have maintained that weight for at least 3 months before surgery. Ask Dr. Castellano for advice on how to schedule your liposuction in accordance with your weight loss plan to get the most out of your results.

Your New Look

Taking all of your liposuction options into consideration, you can develop a customized approach to your procedure with Dr. Castellano that helps you achieve the results you desire. While liposuction can be an excellent way to slim down your figure, you will need to maintain your results with a commitment to an active and healthy lifestyle.

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