Does the Fat Come Back?

As a cosmetic surgeon in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area, one of the questions I hear most often is whether or not liposuction is permanent. It seems that there are a lot of rumors out there about lipo, so maybe it’s time to set the record straight.

Understanding Fat Cells

First, it’s absolutely true that lipo is a permanent procedure that removes the affected fat cells from the body for good. Since the body doesn’t grow new fat cells, that means they really are gone forever. While that seems like a pretty clear answer that you won’t gain weight back again, that’s not quite the case.

Although you won’t gain additional fat cells, the remaining cells are still capable of expanding to store additional fat. Although you won’t gain weight in exactly the same proportions as before you had lipo, you can still pack on a few extra pounds here and there. The problem areas you had treated aren’t likely to be the primary target for extra weight gain, but the nearby fat cells can still expand back into the treated areas.

All of this is just a reminder that liposuction should not be considered as a weight loss solution. Instead, lipo is about body sculpting, smoothing away problem areas that diet and exercise have left behind. At my practice in Tampa, I advise patients to reach their target weight through diet and exercise well before moving on to liposuction. This way, healthy habits are already in place that will help you keep your newly sculpted shape for years after your lipo procedure.