How to Take Your Breast Augmentation Results to the Next Level

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While many women benefit from breast augmentation, every woman’s goals and needs are unique. When it comes to achieving the best breast augmentation results, it’s important that you consider how to customize your experience to obtain the best outcome for you, helping to ensure that you take your breast augmentation results to the next level.

Choose a Skilled Breast Enhancement Specialist

Choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast enhancement is the first step in making sure your breast augmentation suits your needs. Cosmetic surgeons with extensive experience performing breast augmentation on women with a wide range of body types and cosmetic goals are going to be best equipped to customize their approach for each woman’s individual goals and preferences.

Consider Your Breast Implant Options

Your options for breast implants range far beyond size. Ask your surgeon about whether he or she recommends saline or silicone filled implants for your body, as well as which implant profile you should use. Because our natural anatomies are all slightly different, it’s important to customize your approach to breast augmentation in a way that works with your figure, not against it.

Consider a Breast Lift

While many women see a great outcome from breast implants alone, others may have preexisting issues with breast sagging (ptosis) that could necessitate a breast lift. If ptosis is very subtle and you go with a small to moderate implant size, a lift may not be necessary. However, if you have generous breast volume or a significantly low breast position, adding a lift to your breast implants may be just what you need to look your best.