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News Roundup – Breast Lift

News Roundup – Breast Lift

News Roundup – Breast Lift

Are Breast Lifts Becoming the New “Boob Job?”

Not surprisingly, breasts lifts are taking off in popularity as a way to regain a youthful perkiness without increasing volume by way of implants. Women of all ages are considering a lift, and the procedure is becoming increasingly popular, giving traditional breast augmentation a run for its money. For women with pronounced ptosis (sagging), a breast lift is an efficient way to correct and improve a drooping bust line by removing excess skin, tightening the tissue that remains and repositioning the nipple.

Whether because of weight loss or aging, women who think that their breasts aren’t what they used to be are turning to a breast lift as the new “boob job.” Understanding what a lift entails, what kind of scarring you can expect and what a lift looks like are all attracting more women to the procedure.

Controversy over the Internal Bra

Breast augmentation and enhancement have always been somewhat of a controversial topic, and a new breast lift procedure is making waves while promising longer-lasting results. Developed by British surgeon Dr. Jian Farhadi, the internal bra is achieved when a silicone sheet is inserted between a patient’s skin and breast tissue. This sleeve acts as an internal cup, supporting the breast and lifting it to a position similar to the average pushup bra.

While some surgeons are skeptical, Farhadi claims that the internal bra provides longer-lasting results than the traditional lift. Other surgeons have previously offered “internal bras” using a patient’s own tissue, and time will tell if this new procedure really becomes popular.

More Women Opting for Breast Lifts over Implants

While not a new surgery, the breast lift is gaining popularity in women of all ages looking for more subtle results without the added volume of traditional implants. A breast lift tightens, reshapes and repositions the breast and nipple to provide a more naturally perky appearance.

Putting a common concern to rest, surgeons assure patients that a breast lift won’t affect their ability to breast feed, and the procedure itself is very similar to breast reduction in regards to breast feeding and scarring. That said, it’s recommended that women postpone their breast lift until after childbirth, as pregnancy and nursing will naturally change the shape and position of the breasts.

Endoscopic Breast Lifts Could Decrease Scarring

The endoscopically assisted approach to the breast lift has been in use for over a decade, but it seems that more surgeons are using this method to reduce post-procedure scarring. While the surgery can be challenging for the surgeon, the benefits can reduce the chance of complications and visible scarring. Additionally, it provides an effective lift and can be enhanced with breast augmentation.