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News Roundup – Breast Reduction

News Roundup – Breast Reduction

News Roundup – Breast Reduction

“Modern Family” Star Ariel Winter Discusses Her Decision to Get Breast Reduction

The recipient of unwelcome and unwarranted media scrutiny for her large breasts, “Modern Family” star Ariel Winter made the decision to have a breast reduction. The Huffington Post shares details from Winter’s interview with Glamour about how her breasts caused both emotional stress and physical pain. The actress was discouraged with the media’s emphasis on her breast appearance rather than her acting skills. Large breasts run in Winter’s family, with several of her cousins having had breast reduction surgery also. The actress is happy that she got a breast reduction and now feels more comfortable physically as well as emotionally.

One Woman Comes Forth on Her Reasons for Reducing Her Breasts

Kadia Blagrove shares why she got a breast reduction in the Huffington Post. In her first person account, Blagrove describes how her breasts began developing at an early age. She was a DD cup by the time she was 13. During her adolescence, she faced difficulty finding clothes, inappropriate and unwanted attention and rude treatment from her peers. These circumstances caused her to feel insecure and embarrassed. Her breasts remained large even as she lost weight in attempt to shrink their size. Back and neck pain caused by her breasts, her inability to stand for long stretches of time and the emotional discomfort eventually led Blagrove to decide to get a breast reduction, which has since provided a much better quality of life.

Breast Reduction on the Rise, Especially among Teenagers

High school senior Mackenzie Langan could be a poster child for female teenagers who opt for breast reduction. Standing at five-feet tall, Langan tells ABC News that her 32H breasts caused many problems, from back and shoulder pain to difficulty finding clothes. Like Langan, more young women are turning to breast reduction in order to alleviate the physical and emotional discomfort that oversized breasts can cause. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breast reduction surgeries have increased by 157 percent since 1997.

Female Athletes Get Breast Reduction to Improve Performance

ABC News shines the spotlight on two female athletes who had breast reduction in order to excel at their sport. Professional tennis player Simona Halep made the decision to downsize from a 34DD to a 34C to improve her game as well as to alleviate back pain caused by her large breasts. Following her breast reduction, Halep has risen 450 spots in the rankings. Collegiate softball player Carly Mortensen also talks about getting a breast reduction to enhance her quality of life and her competitive edge. Of the more than 100,000 breast reduction surgeries performed in the United States last year, experts say that many were done partially for athletic benefits.

Trend Favoring Smaller Breasts Results in Rise in Breast Reductions

British news journal The Telegraph reports on the rise in breast reductions amidst a decline in breast augmentation surgeries. Demand for breast implants has dropped by a quarter among women in the United Kingdom, while breast reductions have increased by three percent. Although breast augmentation continues to be the most popular of cosmetic procedures in the island nation, the current aesthetic preference favoring the “less is more” look indicates that growing numbers of women are opting for breast reductions or smaller-sized implants.