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News Roundup – Facelift

News Roundup – Facelift

News Roundup – Facelift

More Surgeons Using Fat Grafting to Enhance Facelift Results

A recent study shows that more and more cosmetic surgeons are utilizing fat grafting as part of facelift procedures. Fat grafting involves the harvesting of fat from somewhere on the body and injecting it into a new location. With regard to facelifts, cosmetic surgeons have found that they can enhance the results of a facelift with fat grafting, which gives them more liberty to create youthful contours and replace lost volume. Surgeons indicate that lifting sagging skin is only part of what makes a successful facelift, and the replacement of lost volume contributes to the rejuvenated, more youthful appearance.

JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery Study Reveals Facelift May Make Recipients More Likeable

Facial rejuvenation may not only make you look younger, it could make you appear nicer and more approachable as well. A recent study used pictures of women who had undergone some sort of facial rejuvenation surgery and photos of women who had not undergone any procedures. Study participants decidedly agreed that the women who had facial rejuvenation seemed more likeable, attractive, feminine and even trustworthy. The motivation behind having a facelift or similar procedures is usually to boost self-confidence, but this study proves that the benefits may also extend to your social and professional life.

Growing Numbers of Baby Boomers Getting Facelifts to Remain Competitive in Careers

Saying that ageism is alive and well in today’s workforce may sound like a terrible admission, but many professionals who are middle-aged and beyond will tell you it’s true. More and more baby boomers are feeling the pressure to look younger as they’re physically competing with young professionals in the job market. With the myriad of facial rejuvenation treatments and procedures at their disposal, boomers are looking to cosmetic surgeons to help them subtly turn back the hands of time and remain relevant and competitive in their careers.

Facelifts Grow in Demand as Result of Social Media

With the sharing of photos and the introduction of the renowned “selfie,” social media has created more focus and attention on our looks and what those online think when they see us. This preoccupation with appearances on social media has led to a boom in facelifts and other facial rejuvenation procedures, according to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. With smartphone screens getting larger and camera pixels constantly increasing, this trend toward wanting to put your best face forward isn’t likely to slow down anytime soon.