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BOTOX® Cosmetic Q&A

As our age begins to reflect in our facial appearance, we frequently begin to experience some facial wrinkling as a result of repeated muscle movement. The strain caused by unconscious or repetitive movements can create fine lines and wrinkles in our foreheads, between the brows, beside the eyes, alongside the mouth, around the neck and in the nasolabial folds. These fine lines and wrinkles can create an aged, tired or even angry appearance that may lead men and women to consider the benefits of BOTOX® Cosmetic. Here, Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph J. Castellano responds to some of the most commonly asked patient questions that you don’t always see on standard Internet FAQs.

If you have concerns or questions regarding BOTOX® Cosmetic that aren’t answered here, we encourage you to contact us at your convenience to schedule a consultation. Dr. Castellano is a cosmetic surgeon specializing in BOTOX® Cosmetic and facial enhancement. His experience, background and skills can ensure that you have a positive experience with us from consultation through to recovery and results.

  • I’ve thought a lot about getting BOTOX®, but I’m really not sure if that’s ‘me.’ How will I know if I can get the results I want from BOTOX®?

    Many men and women have exactly the same concern. The problem is that so many of us have seen those frozen BOTOX® faces and think, “I never want my face to look that obviously altered.” The good news is that the majority of BOTOX® results look nothing like those extreme cases. My suggestion is if you’ve done your research and still feel unsure of whether you can achieve the look you want from BOTOX®, to simply come in for a consultation. During your consultation, I’ll talk about the results you can expect and we’ll examine your areas of concern. There is no commitment that comes with a consultation, so after, you can simply go home and think about whether what you’ve learned about BOTOX® makes you want to give it a try. The great thing about BOTOX® is that it’s temporary, so first-timers don’t have to feel too anxious about trying it out.

  • Will BOTOX® give me a ‘surprised’ look?

    The surprised look you’re worried about normally comes from an overly aggressive BOTOX® application around the cheeks, eyes and brow, causing the skin to appear puffy and the eyes to seem wider than normal. This is hardly the result of a skillfully performed BOTOX® treatment. Normally, you should simply appear refreshed and alert, but not have an unnatural facial expression. Again, scheduling your session with an experienced injector is the best way to ensure that you look naturally rested and refreshed rather than “done.”

  • Can I combine BOTOX® with injectable fillers?

    Injectable fillers can be combined with BOTOX® to enhance your appearance even more than what is possible with BOTOX® alone. If you are concerned not only with wrinkles and fine lines, but also with lost facial volume that makes your facial contours appear sunken, bony or simply older than you’d like, you may very well benefit from a combination of BOTOX® and fillers. Fillers can also minimize the appearance of deep grooves and scars.

  • I’m only in my late twenties, but I’m interested in BOTOX®. How young is too young to start BOTOX® treatments?

    Since we all age at different rates, there is really no standard age that’s good for starting BOTOX®. You can start BOTOX® when you begin to notice wrinkles and fine lines that you are unhappy with, regardless of chronological age. I frequently see women from their late twenties and thirties all the way up to much older for BOTOX® treatments. Because there are no negative effects of repeated use, you can feel free to start at any time that seems appropriate for you.

  • How long will my BOTOX® results last?

    The duration of results vary, but in general, you can expect your results to last from four to six months. Some patients report their new look lasting for longer. Many men and women schedule regular BOTOX® sessions as part of their regular beauty routine to maintain the facial appearance they want. When your results fade, they will do so gradually. Simply schedule another session if you think you might be in need of another treatment.

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