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Why Do Breast Implants Need to Drop & Fluff?

woman in pink braSpend any amount of time research breast augmentation recovery, and you’ll quickly become familiar with the terms “dropping” and “fluffing.” From this, you can probably gather than it’s a normal occurrence after breast augmentation, but why, exactly, do breast implants need to drop and fluff in the first place? Let’s take a closer look at the process.

What Does “Drop and Fluff” Mean?

In the first few weeks after your breast augmentation, you can expect to experience significant swelling and tightened chest muscles.* This can cause your implants to look and feel hard and tight, and they may even be “riding high,” which refers to a temporarily high position on your chest wall.*

As swelling diminishes and your body gets accustomed to your implants, you should notice that they drop to a lower, more natural-looking positon and “fluff,” or become softer and more rounded as they settle into their final position.*

Larger implants may drop and fluff more than smaller implants, due to the simple nature of gravity.

When Do Breast Implants Settle?

Throughout the weeks and months after your breast enhancement, your implants should continue to change in size, shape and position.* For many women, their implants fully drop and fluff around the three-month mark, but keep in mind that your individual breast augmentation results timeline can vary.*

Is There Any Way to Speed up Dropping and Fluffing?

Your cosmetic surgeon will likely ask you to wear a special surgical bra while you recover to help reduce swelling. Aside from sticking to this routine and following other guidelines from your cosmetic surgeon, the best way to encourage a smooth, speedyrecovery from breast enhancementis to be patient with your body and give it the time it needs to heal.*

*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


Why Do Breast Implants Need to Drop & Fluff?
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Why Do Breast Implants Need to Drop & Fluff?
Curious about why breast implants need to drop and fluff? Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa explains this interesting aspect of breast augmentation recovery.
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