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3 Reasons Labiaplasty May Be Right for You

Labiaplasty isn’t right for everyone, but if you’ve ever been concerned with the appearance of your labia or felt uncomfortable with how they look or feel, labiaplasty may be right for you. Labiaplasty benefits are beyond simply aesthetic. The procedure can help you feel better about your body, feel more comfortable in your clothes and enjoy less self-conscious sex.

1. More Comfortable Intercourse

Sexual intercourse should be pleasurable, but longer labia can make this intimate act uncomfortable and even painful. Labiaplasty benefits your love life by removing excess skin and fat from the vaginal area, leaving less to get in the way of you and a satisfying sex life.

2. Less Worry About Tight Clothing

Larger labia can also be a concern when wearing tight clothing. In bathing suits, leggings or tight pants, larger vaginal lips might be visible, potentially causing embarrassment. Tight clothing and underwear can also be extra irritating to larger labia, making it uncomfortable to wear the cute bikini bottom or tight yoga pants you want to. By reshaping the labia, labiaplasty can help prevent the irritation and embarrassment.

If the size of your labia makes you uncomfortable – physically or emotionally – labiaplasty could help .

3. Increased Self Confidence

When you’re comfortable in your body, with the way it looks and feels, you’re more confident. The benefits of labiaplasty aren’t just aesthetic. Labiaplasty can help you feel better about yourself, so you’re more likely to enjoy the sex life and tight pants that are now more comfortable for your body.