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3 Tips to Help Ensure Symmetry in Breast Augmentation

Skinny female bodyIf breast asymmetry makes you feel self-conscious, you should know that there are options to help correct this extremely common issue. While improving the symmetry of breasts during breast augmentation may require some special considerations, it’s entirely possible to enjoy a more balanced look after surgery. Here are three tips to ensure a more symmetrical appearance to your breasts with breast augmentation.

1. Select Implants of Slightly Different Volumes

You might think that selecting implants of different volumes would result in an irregular result, but a just-different-enough adjustment in implant volume can actually correct naturally occurring size discrepancies between breasts. By placing a slightly larger implant in the smaller or higher-placed breast, your surgeon can create a more symmetrical look.

2. Consider Other Procedures

Natural variances in breast size may require your surgeon to include other procedures, such as a lift or reduction in the contralateral (opposite) breast. Depending on your unique situation, releasing the inframammary fold to round out the lower pole of the breast or other surgical steps may be required. These more complex surgical techniques can help cosmetic surgeons achieve beautifully balanced breasts in women with significant asymmetry or shape variation.

3. Choose a Highly Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon

The finer points of breast augmentation to correct asymmetry require significant skill to get right, so the best way to guarantee better breast symmetry is to invest significant time in selecting a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in breast augmentation. A highly qualified cosmetic surgeon will be able to create simply gorgeous, symmetrical results.