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The Top 5 Target Spots for Laser Hair Removal

Woman in WhiteAs laser hair removal becomes more affordable  and accessible, it’s gaining popularity among people who want to permanently reduce or eliminate unwanted hair. Here are some of the most popular target areas for patients choosing laser hair removal treatments.

1. Face

Women can become frustrated by painful efforts to pluck and wax away unwanted facial hair. Not only are these methods time-consuming, but they’re not a permanent solution. Laser hair removal can be a great option for women who want to get rid of embarrassing facial hair once and for all.

2. Underarm

Shaving the underarms is a chore that often has to be done daily, and the process of shaving can also lead to painful ingrown hairs. Laser treatments can free you from the daily burden of shaving, leaving your underarms silky, smooth and free of ingrown hairs.

3. Bikini Area

The task of shaving the bikini area typically leaves behind painful and unsightly irritation. A series of laser hair removal treatments can leave your bikini line free of hair for good. Saying goodbye to all those red bumps and rashes down below is just an added bonus.

4. Legs

Laser hair removal is popular among women who are ready to ditch the ongoing expense of razors and shaving creams and streamline their daily shower routine. Waking up to smooth, hair-free legs every day is possible with laser hair removal.

5. Back

Although women are the demographic most likely to have laser hair removal, men can have unwanted body hair, too. And, while hair on the chest and arms is a matter of preference, most people would agree that a hairy back is never a good look. Laser hair removal is perfect for those men who want a smooth, hair-free back that gives them the confidence to go shirtless.