Tried and True Methods for Male Breast Reduction

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When gynecomastia, or the enlargement of male breasts, leaves you feeling self-conscious, you may seek treatment options to help you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. But while there are plenty of pills and other gimmicks out there that claim to be able to offer surgical results without surgery, be wary of “too good to be true” offers.

Why Pills and Target Exercises Won’t Work

Gynecomastia is a condition that’s typically due to hereditary factors and hormonal imbalances so, unfortunately, there are currently no miracle pills that can erase its side effects. And while exercising and eating right can help you reach your ideal weight and better define your muscles, some pockets of fat, particularly in the chest area, can be difficult or even impossible to get rid of through working out on its own.

Get the Best Results with Male Breast Reduction

Even with your best efforts, some stubborn fat just won’t respond to exercise. This is often the case with enlarged breasts in men, which is why male breast reduction has become such a popular cosmetic procedure for men.

Male breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes excess fat through carefully placed incisions, creating a more masculine shape. As long as you maintain a stable, healthy weight, you can enjoy permanent results from this procedure, which just aren’t possible using any other method.

If you think you could benefit from male breast reduction, consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon who can provide you with a detailed assessment and more information on the specifics of what you can expect.

Tried and True Methods for Male Breast Reduction
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Tried and True Methods for Male Breast Reduction
Updated for 2019. Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa explains why surgical breast reduction is the best option for treating gynecomastia in men.
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