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3 Reasons Why Traditional Liposuction Can Offer the Best Results

shutterstock_5643541In the world of body contouring, it seems there’s always a “latest and greatest” liposuction technique that claims to deliver superior results. Despite all the fancy gadgetry and hype around new methods, traditional liposuction techniques still deliver the best results.

1. Gold Standard in Body Contouring

Liposuction remains one of the most popular of all cosmetic procedures because it can target and remove stubborn fat deposits and dramatically improve the curves and contours of the body. Traditional liposuction methods have been around for decades, but that doesn’t mean they’re antiquated or outdated. In fact, the traditional tumescent method has a long and successful track record and continues to yield better results than new methods that claim to be more innovative and technologically advanced.

2. Traditional Techniques Trump More Recent Methods

In the arena of liposuction, there are a multitude of new techniques and enhanced technology, but they won’t necessarily yield better results. Traditional tumescent methods safely and reliably remove stubborn, unwanted fat and slim and sculpt the body to create a better silhouette. New gadgetry may be more modern, but traditional techniques are still being used decades after their development for a good reason.

3. A Skilled Cosmetic Surgeon Can Deliver Optimal Results

Even though traditional liposuction methods have a tried and true track record of delivering beautiful results, the most important factor that will affect the outcome of your liposuction procedure is who you choose as a cosmetic surgeon. Getting optimal results with liposuction requires a cosmetic surgeon with an artistic eye and a thorough comprehension of the human body’s dimensions and curves. When choosing a cosmetic surgeon for your body contouring procedure, do your research and pick someone who has had extensive experience performing liposuction.