4 Ways to Boost Your Cup Size

Woman's breastsThere’s not just one way to bring out the best in your figure, and the answer to what’s most beautiful is different for every woman as well. Here are a few options—both surgical and nonsurgical—for boosting your cup size.

1. Silicone Bra Inserts

Sometimes referred to as “chicken cutlets,” silicone bra inserts are slipped into a normal, non-padded bra to help your breasts fill out whatever bra size you choose, often by at least a cup size more. The advantage of inserts over padded bras is that they can be worn with virtually any bra or even swim suits. Some are even self-adhesive, so you can go “commando” if the outfit requires.

2. Water Bras

Water- or gel-filled bras can also add a full cup size to your figure, with a much more natural look (and feel) than fabric padding. Water bras come in a number of different styles to wear with almost anything. Since the padding is integral to the bra, there are never any concerns about slippage or looking uneven.

3. Breast Implants

Although external padding can look great with clothes on, there’s no substitute for breast implants when it comes to looking amazing with your clothes off. Plus, the increase in self-confidence that many women feel after doing something special just for them shows that breast implants increase more than just cup size.

4. Breast Lift + Augmentation

Sometimes the best breast augmentation results include a lift at the same time for that full, perky look. A breast lift can reshape and add firmness to existing breast tissue, while implants provide more volume. The end result is a curvaceous, uplifted silhouette without the need for push-ups or padding.