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12 Different Reasons Why Women Pick Breast Augmentation

12 Different Reasons Why Women Pick Breast Augmentation

12 Different Reasons Why Women Pick Breast Augmentation

Choose a cosmetic surgeon with whom you feel comfortable discussing your motivation for getting breast implants, as well as your specific goals for your final results.

Breast augmentation remains one of the most popular cosmetic procedures, with an estimated 300,000 women choosing to get breast implants each year. While there are numerous benefits to breast enhancement procedures, it is important to make sure that you’re opting in for the right reasons.For many women, there may be several different reasons why they are considering breast augmentation, but each of these should stem from their own personal needs and goals, rather than being influenced by others. As a result, every woman will have slightly different reasons for choosing to get breast implants that are unique to her personal preferences and circumstances.

Here are just some of the most common reasons why women pick breast augmentation, as well as some tips to help you decide if this procedure might be right for you.

1. To Improve Self-Esteem

If you’re unhappy with the size, shape or natural proportions of your breasts, it could leave you feeling self-conscious and may even interfere with your overall satisfaction with life. Breast augmentation and other similar cosmetic procedures have been linked with a significant improvement in self-esteem, making this one of the most common reasons why women choose to get breast implants.

This is not to say that every woman who opts for a breast procedure has low self-esteem, but that even confident women can enjoy an improvement in their self-image following breast augmentation.

It is important to note, too, that while breast augmentation can absolutely help you to achieve a renewed sense of self-confidence and form a more positive body image, it cannot solve underlying psychological issues that may be causing low self-esteem. For this reason, having an open and honest conversation with your cosmetic surgeon about your motivation for breast enhancement can help you decide if this procedure is right for you at your current stage of life.

2. Their Breasts Never Fully Developed

For some women, their breasts seem to have never fully developed, resulting in disproportionately small breasts in relation to the rest of their body. This is actually a medical condition known as micromastia, also sometimes referred to as hypomastia, in which a woman’s breasts fail to develop as they should during puberty. Because most women’s breasts develop somewhat asymmetrically, this condition can affect both breasts fairly equally, or it may leave one breast significantly larger than the other.

In many cases, micromastia is caused by genetics, although it can be acquired due to trauma, surgery or radiation exposure in childhood. In either case, breast augmentation can be an excellent solution to help not only give you a boost of volume, but to also create a more balanced silhouette and smoother, more natural-looking body proportions.

3. To Achieve a Rounder, Fuller Look

Even if your breasts have developed normally, you might still desire a fuller, rounder look, while maintaining your natural proportions. This is where the skill of an experienced cosmetic surgeon comes into play, as implants that are too large for your frame will look unbalanced and unnatural. On the other hand, if you work with your cosmetic surgeon to choose the perfect size for your body shape and type, you can achieve the fuller look you want without appearing “fake” or “done.”

There are quite a few factors that can influence the right size of implant for you, including your unique anatomy, your body proportions and the amount of natural breast tissue that you have. Your cosmetic surgeon will take these, along with your specific needs and goals, into account when recommending the best volume of implant.

4. To Address Asymmetry

If you’re dissatisfied with the asymmetry of your breasts, a skilled cosmetic surgeon can use breast implants to create a more balanced look.

It is true that most breasts do develop somewhat asymmetrically. In fact, it’s almost impossible for two breasts to be exactly the same size and shape. While this difference might be only slight and therefore unnoticeable for some women, for others, this difference in size or shape can be much more significant and therefore could be a reason for breast augmentation. Mild to moderate breast asymmetry can create a lopsided look, as well as make it difficult to shop for bras, swimsuits and shirts that fit properly.

Whether you simply want to correct the asymmetry by adding a subtle boost of volume to the smaller breast, or you’d like to achieve an all-around fuller look in both breasts, your cosmetic surgeon can custom-tailor your breast enhancement procedure to fit your needs and give you the balanced, natural look you want.

5. To Achieve a More Desirable Areola Shape or Size

Many people often don’t realize that through breast augmentation, your cosmetic surgeon can also address the size and shape of your areola, which is the pigmented area of skin surrounding your nipple. Some women find that very large areolas appear too large and out of proportion with the size of their breasts, or are positioned asymmetrically and thus create an unbalanced appearance.

If changing the appearance or proportions of your areolas is one of your goals for your breast augmentation, be sure to discuss this with your cosmetic surgeon during your consultation. There are a variety of different breast enhancement options that can affect your final results, and your cosmetic surgeon will guide you through each of these decisions based on your individual needs.

In some cases, a breast lift may be combined with your breast augmentation to achieve a higher nipple placement, and a periareolar incision may be chosen instead of another incision type. To create a periareolar incision, your cosmetic surgeon will carefully follow the outline of your areola in a semi-circle, usually around the bottom half. Through this incision, he or she can easily access the breast pocket to insert your implants, as well as remove excess tissue that could be creating the appearance of overly large or puffy areolas.

Just keep in mind that this type of incision may not be the best choice for women who want to breastfeed in the future, so you should talk with your cosmetic surgeon to discuss these options in detail with you prior to your procedure. Other breast augmentation incision types are inframammary, transaxillary and the TUBA technique.

6. They’ve Achieved a Weight Loss Goal

After losing a significant amount of weight, many women find that the size or position of their breasts isn’t as full and perky as before. Your cosmetic surgeon will likely recommend a combination breast lift and augmentation to remove and tighten any excess or loose tissue, while also enhancing the size and proportions of your breasts.

Combining a breast lift with a breast augmentation can help you to achieve the smooth, sleek contours you desire following massive weight loss.

One of the many benefits of getting a breast lift with implants is that it is technically two procedures combined into one, meaning that you cut the recovery time in half and are able to see your full results after just one surgery.

Other common cosmetic procedures following significant weight loss include abdominoplasty, liposuction and other body contouring procedures like arm and thigh lifts. When considering multiple procedures after weight loss, work with your cosmetic surgeon to design a surgical plan and timeline for your final results.

7. Pregnancy Has Changed the Size or Shape of Their Breasts

Pregnancy can come with so many wonderful new experiences, but, unfortunately, it can also bring with it a variety of changes to your body. One such change that often follows pregnancy and breastfeeding is sagging or drooping breasts that may appear smaller once you’ve finished nursing. For this reason, many moms opt for a breast lift or combination breast lift and augmentation to help them get their pre-baby body back and feel more like themselves.

In addition to changes in their breast shape or size, many women may also struggle with sagging or excess skin and muscle tissue in the abdominal area after a pregnancy. If this is the case for you, you might consider getting a mommy makeover. This procedure is actually a combination of a variety of other procedures performed at the same time to reduce your recovery and surgery time, while giving you the comprehensive results you’re looking for.

Some of the most common procedures to include in a mommy makeover are a breast augmentation or lift, a tummy tuck and liposuction. One of the biggest benefits of a mommy makeover is that you can completely customize your procedure to address your specific problem spots without requiring multiple surgeries.

Keep in mind, though, that if you are planning on having more children, you might want to wait to schedule your mommy makeover or breast augmentation until after you’ve completed your family. Otherwise, you could require a revision surgery following a future pregnancy. That said, getting a mommy makeover or breast augmentation will not interfere with your ability to have another child should you change your mind down the road.

8. They’ve Had a Mastectomy

Women who have had a mastectomy to treat breast cancer or for other medical reasons often seek breast enhancement or reconstruction procedures to help restore the normal look and feel of their bodies. This can have a huge impact on their self-esteem, body image and even their quality of life.

If you’re considering a breast procedure following a mastectomy, carefully choose a cosmetic surgeon with experience performing this type of procedure. Look for credentials such as extensive medical schooling, residency programs, memberships to accredited medical associations, before and after photos and recommendations from previous clients to help you make the right choice when picking a cosmetic surgeon.

You should also feel comfortable discussing your unique needs with him or her so that you can achieve smooth, beautiful results that leave you feeling rejuvenated and confident.

9. To Look and Feel Younger and Rejuvenated

As part of the natural aging process, the amount of collagen and elastin in our skin begins to decline, which, combined with the effects of gravity, can lead to sagging breasts. Because of this, many women choose to get a breast lift or combination breast lift with implants to help them look and feel younger and refreshed.

Women of virtually any age can benefit from a breast procedure like a lift or augmentation.

A common misconception about breast augmentation is that women over a certain age are no longer good candidates for this procedure. This, however, is simply not true. More so than age, your overall health and fitness is one of the most important factors when determining whether or not a breast lift or augmentation could be right for you.

For example, a 50-year-old woman may very well be in better physical shape than a 20-year-old woman, making the former a great candidate for a breast lift or augmentation. During your consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will provide a detailed assessment of your physical health, as well as your unique needs, to help determine if you could benefit from a breast procedure.

10. They Want Clothes to Fit Better

For any number of reasons, some women find that their clothes simply don’t lie properly on their chests, or they can’t find a bra or swimsuit top that fits quite right. This could be due to asymmetry or breasts that appear too large or small for the rest of your body. Whatever the reason, uncomfortable and unflattering clothes can be cause for constant feelings of self-consciousness and even a poor body image.

If this is the case for you, breast augmentation could help to improve breasts that are asymmetrical or unbalanced so that your clothes not only fit comfortably, but that they also accentuate your curves and help you look and feel amazing about yourself.

For women looking to get breast implants in time to enjoy plenty of summer fun and debut their new beach body, consult your cosmetic surgeon about the best time to schedule your procedure. Generally speaking, it takes about a week of rest and recovery before you can expect to return to your normal daily activities, but it can be several months before your final results reveal themselves.

Your cosmetic surgeon will provide you with an individualized and detailed timeline for your breast augmentation recovery to give you a better idea of when you can expect to shop for new clothes and take a dip in the pool.

11. To Enjoy an Improved Sex Life

When you feel confident in the way you look, you can enjoy improvements in nearly all aspects of life, including your intimate relationships.

So many different factors can influence whether or not a woman is satisfied with her sex life, including her self-confidence and the way she feels about her body. If the size or shape of your breasts is standing in the way of your fully loving your body and getting the most out of your intimate relationships, this could be a great reason to consider breast augmentation.

In fact, research has shown that breast implants can have a significant positive impact on a woman’s sexual desire and satisfaction, with one study finding an 81 percent improvement in sexual arousal and a 57 percent increase in satisfaction in women who have had a breast enhancement. Moreover, sexual satisfaction may help women to get a better night’s sleep, improve their immune system, relieve pain and even look younger.

There is a fine line, however, between getting implants to improve your own sexual desire and satisfaction and choosing to have a breast augmentation for your partner or spouse. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make, and you shouldn’t feel any external pressure one way or the other.

12. They’re Getting Breast Implants for Themselves

Whatever your reasons are for breast augmentation, none of them should be influenced by anyone but yourself. While you can, and should, ask for support from your partner, spouse, friends or family, you shouldn’t rely on their opinions to make the decision as to whether or not to go ahead with your breast augmentation.

Getting breast implants for the wrong reasons will most likely leave you unhappy with your results, no matter how natural they look and feel. On the other hand, when you take the time to carefully think about your reasons for wanting breast implants and come to a conclusion on your own and solely for yourself, you can enjoy an improvement in your self-esteem, body image and quality of life.

If you feel like you need help navigating your breast augmentation options or deciding whether or not you might benefit from this procedure, find a trusted and experienced cosmetic surgeon in your area and schedule an in-person consultation. He or she should be able to give you an objective and professional opinion, as well as guide you through each step of the process.

12 Different Reasons Why Women Get Breast Implants
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12 Different Reasons Why Women Get Breast Implants
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