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3 Tips for an Easier Recovery after a Breast Lift with Augmentation

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3 Early Signs of Capsular Contracture

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4 Types of Breast Implant Malposition and How Revision Can Help

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How Long Do Breast Implants Really Last?

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How Natural Breast Shape Affects Your Breast Augmentation Results

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Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures

When combined with healthy lifestyle choices, there are a number of ways cosmetic surgery can help women and men bring out the best in their bodies. Three of the most popular and effective procedures I perform are BOTOX® Cosmetic, breast augmentation surgery, and liposuction. BOTOX® Increasingly prominent wrinkles on our faces are an inevitable part Read More

For Natural Breast Augmentation Results, Sometimes Less Is More

When you think about breast implants, the picture that leaps to mind is probably not that of a woman with a slim, modest figure. Yet, the latest trend in breast augmentation indicates that an increasing number of women choosing augmentation have a more subtle enhancement as their goal. When it comes to natural-looking results, is Read More

Most Famous Breasts Through History

For modern-day women, breast augmentation is only the latest method used to enhance their figures. For thousands of years, breasts have been a source of attraction for men, and at times have even “shaped” history! Helen of Troy Helen of Troy, the daughter of Zeus and Leda, was widely regarded as the most beautiful mortal woman Read More

For Natural Breast Augmentation Results, Sometimes Less Is More

The latest trend in breast augmentation for Tampa women is toward a more natural looking result. This has led to a new increase in popularity for smaller breast implants among local women. Can you noticeably boost the size of your breasts with smaller implants, or is going bigger better? The Effect of Implants Many women Read More

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

A positive recovery is an essential part of a successful breast augmentation for Tampa, Florida women. Here are a few tips to help you minimize discomfort and help ensure a smooth and happy healing process as much as possible. Take It Easy The first tip for a quick breast augmentation recovery is to just remember Read More

Bringing Out the Best in Your Body

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular ways to enhance your figure. Yet, even the results of an outstanding breast augmentation can be improved by including one or two other procedures at the same time. Breast Lifts A breast lift reshapes and redistributes your natural breast tissue in women whose breasts have changed in shape Read More

Secrets to a Great Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Being happy with the results of your breast augmentation in Tampa starts out with a very important first step: a great consultation. Here are some tips to get you off on the right foot. Clear Communication Open and honest communication with your cosmetic surgeon is an important part of ensuring a good consultation, not to mention being Read More

Latest Trends in Breast Augmentation

Like every beauty secret, breast augmentation comes with certain appearance expectations that come and go. It wasn’t so long ago that bigger was definitely better when it came to implants, but that seems to be changing these days. Implants themselves are also changing, and so are the new techniques that may soon become mainstream. Natural Results Read More

Tips for the Best Breast Augmentation

Although it’s one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries I perform at my practice in Tampa,  breast augmentation still requires a certain finesse to get just right. And that’s just speaking from a surgeon’s perspective. There are plenty of things you can do as a patient that help ensure wonderful results. From Consultation to Recovery Read More

Is Silicone Superior?

For women in the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando area considering breast augmentation, silicone implants are the overwhelmingly popular choice over saline implants. Are silicone implants really that much superior? Or can you get the same results with saline, at a fraction of the cost? Why Silicone? Many women (and their surgeons) feel that silicone Read More

Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift

For women in Florida, going from days on the beach to enjoying the variety of nightlife we have to offer means an added emphasis on looking your best. This is one reason why breast augmentation is so popular in the Tampa and St. Petersburg areas. Many women who visit my practice are surprised to find that they may get better results from an augmentation if combined with a breast lift. How are these two procedures different? And when should they be combined?

Looking Your Best

Women have unique challenges when it comes to breast appearance, as the placement and volume of the breasts can be affected by pregnancy and nursing. Even without children, age and activity level can impact breast appearance. Breasts commonly shift to lower placement on the chest, and can develop a “deflated” look due to this lower placement combined with volume loss.

Many women visit me thinking that breast implants can resolve these issues. While implants definitely add volume, they won’t change the placement of the breast. For higher, fuller breasts, a breast lift is necessary.

Combining Efforts

During a breast lift, your existing breast tissue is reallocated, placing the breasts up higher and reshaping to eliminate volume loss from the upper breast. Including implants during this procedure will create a fuller, more dramatic profile.
The short version of all this comes down to one thing: If you just want larger breasts, augmentation is the answer. If you want your breasts to look perkier and more youthful as well, you may want to include a breast lift at the same time. If you’re not sure which is right for you, schedule a consultation with me at my Tampa office and we’ll work out a strategy that’s designed to help you look your best.

Is Tampa the Breast Surgery Capital of the World?

Florida is all about the sun, the fun and the glamour. In Tampa, breast augmentation was once the province of only the rich and famous; today, cosmetic surgery is available to women from all walks of life. Is Tampa the breast surgery capital of the world? Not quite, but statistics show that breast enlargement in Tampa has remained very popular in recent years.

Surgical cosmetic procedures and minimally invasive aesthetic treatments are big business. Everyone wants to look their best, and many Tampa residents are willing to pay to do it. Our clients demand the best and latest treatments, so we only provide the best and most effective procedures.

Florida residents love to show off their tight, fit bodies, and so it doesn’t come as a surprise that the state was right near the top of the list of regions that performed the highest number of breast enhancement procedures in the nation, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Unsurprisingly, the most breast enhancement procedures are performed on the West Coast, the home of the entertainment industry. However, what Florida and California have in common is the miles and miles of beautiful coastline and an active population that makes beauty a priority. Tampa has the added benefit of medical centers that are consistently ranked as being amongst the best in the United States. Call me biased, but I think that women seeking breast augmentation in the area have a leg up over women choosing the procedure in Beverly Hills, New York and other so-called capitals of cosmetic surgery.

Making Breast Augmentation Part of Your Mommy Makeover

For many moms in Tampa, breast augmentation is one of the primary procedures included with a Mommy Makeover. Augmentation, along with other procedures, can be combined to return your body back to its former pre-pregnancy appearance.

Pregnancy Changes

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, both during and after the pregnancy itself. During pregnancy, breasts often become swollen and enlarged. The abdomen muscles stretch to accommodate the baby growing within. And, weight gain is also very common during pregnancy. Following the birth of the child, the body may return to normal, but more often there is lingering evidence of the pregnancy. Breasts may lose volume or fall in placement, even more likely if the new mom is nursing her little one. Extra weight may not dissipate as rapidly as you would like. And abdominal muscles stretched out during pregnancy may not quite regain their former tautness.

Mommy Makeovers Can Help

A mommy makeover is designed to address these physical issues to help new moms feel better about their bodies after the birth of their child. At my practice in Tampa, breast augmentation is often one of the first steps in renewing a youthful self-confidence for these women. Breasts that have lost their natural volume and fullness as a result of pregnancy or nursing can be restored through the use of implants. These may be combined with a breast lift for even more dramatic results.

In addition to augmentation, liposuction can be used to remove stubborn fat deposits from upper arms, thighs or abdomen, while lax abdominal muscles can be tightened back up with a tummy tuck.

By combining procedures in an individualized treatment plan, every woman can realize her full beauty potential after her childbearing years.