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How a Mommy Makeover Changes You Mentally & Physically

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Motherhood is all about giving. Your body gives everything to each of your children for nine months — and that is only the beginning. From forgoing self-care activities to sacrificing new wardrobe items to ensure your children have the very best, moms continuously put others before themselves, especially their children. Over time, this can snowball Read More.

What Goes Great with a Mommy Makeover? Kids at Home to Help You Heal

Mom watching an online video with her kids.
If you’ve had children, then more than likely you’ve experienced some changes to your body. Some of these changes are good. However, there are some changes that have some moms wishing they could hit the refresh button on their bodies. If you are looking to rejuvenate your look post-pregnancy, a mommy makeover may be just Read More.

How to Know When the Time is Right for a Mommy Makeover

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No doubt, your children are the greatest joys in your life. But that doesn’t mean you need to be pleased with the marks they have left on your body. Many women will experience skin laxity, sagging breasts and weakened abdominal muscles after becoming mothers, and for some, this can be bothersome. A mommy makeover can Read More.

3 Mommy Makeover Recovery Tips for When It’s Hot Out

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Summer can be uncomfortable enough, without adding a mommy makeover recovery into the mix. But you don’t have to be miserable all summer long if you follow these simple mommy makeover summer recovery tips to make healing in the heat a little easier. 1. Stay Hydrated Staying hydrated is always important, but it becomes even Read More.

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Friend’s Mommy Makeover

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Friend’s Mommy Makeover
Do you have a friend who saw great results from her mommy makeover? Well, before you go copying her exact procedure, take a step back and think about your goals. What worked for your friend may not be right for you. That’s the beauty of a mommy makeover. You get to pick the procedures that Read More.

3 Ways to Take Your Mommy Makeover to the Next Level

mom with daughter
If pregnancy and breastfeeding have impacted your figure, you may be considering a mommy makeover. A mommy makeover is a combination of cosmetic surgeries designed to rejuvenate the body after having a baby. Each mommy makeover is customized according to a woman’s unique needs, so no two procedures are quite the same. However, it’s common Read More.

3 Planning Tips for Your Mommy Makeover

Make your mommy makeover planning as smooth as possible by keeping these few tips in mind throughout the process. Putting in a little extra time to plan at the beginning will pay off in the long run when you achieve the beautiful, rejuvenating results you’re looking for. 1. Pick a Qualified Cosmetic Surgeon First, you Read More.

How to Prepare Better for a Mommy Makeover

Your mommy makeover is scheduled and you can’t wait. You’re so ready for this…or are you? Before the big day, make sure you’re extra prepared by creating and following a super easy checklist. Here are some of the key tasks to take care of ahead of time. Clean House Nobody wants to come home to Read More.

How Long Will Your Mommy Makeover Results Last?

Lots of women choose to have a mommy makeover once they’ve completed their families. One of the great benefits of this procedure is that you can custom-tailor it to fit your unique needs and goals. While your mommy makeover results can be very long-lasting and even permanent, there are a few different factors that can Read More.

4 Smart Tips for a Gorgeous Mommy Makeover

Pregnancy can have a lasting impact on the body, leaving behind excess stomach skin, sagging breasts and stubborn pockets of fat. These changes can take an emotional toll, causing women to feel self-conscious about their appearance. Fortunately, women who want to reboot their bodies can opt for a customized combination of cosmetic surgery procedures known Read More.

Busting the Top 3 Myths about Breast Implants

Mother holding baby looking out the window.
Updated for 2019 Many women are still wary about breast implants due to a number of often-unsupported augmentation myths, and these myths continue to make their way into the mainstream. Fortunately, many breast augmentation myths are completely false and unfounded. Here are three common ones worth debunking. Everyone Will Know While some women still desire Read More.

3 Tips for an Easier Tummy Tuck Recovery

Updated December 2018 People who get tummy tucks give the procedure and results a resounding thumbs up. Also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck is the go-to surgery for individuals interested in getting rid of sagging, loose abdominal skin resulting from pregnancy or weight loss. There are several steps that tummy tuck patients can take for Read More.

Making Breast Augmentation Part of Your Mommy Makeover

Making Breast Augmentation Part of Your Mommy Makeover

For many moms in Tampa, breast augmentation is one of the primary procedures included with a Mommy Makeover. Augmentation, along with other procedures, can be combined to return your body back to its former pre-pregnancy appearance.

Pregnancy Changes

Pregnancy causes many changes in the body, both during and after the pregnancy itself. During pregnancy, breasts often become swollen and enlarged. The abdomen muscles stretch to accommodate the baby growing within. And, weight gain is also very common during pregnancy. Following the birth of the child, the body may return to normal, but more often there is lingering evidence of the pregnancy. Breasts may lose volume or fall in placement, even more likely if the new mom is nursing her little one. Extra weight may not dissipate as rapidly as you would like. And abdominal muscles stretched out during pregnancy may not quite regain their former tautness.

Mommy Makeovers Can Help

A mommy makeover is designed to address these physical issues to help new moms feel better about their bodies after the birth of their child. At my practice in Tampa, breast augmentation is often one of the first steps in renewing a youthful self-confidence for these women. Breasts that have lost their natural volume and fullness as a result of pregnancy or nursing can be restored through the use of implants. These may be combined with a breast lift for even more dramatic results.In addition to augmentation, liposuction can be used to remove stubborn fat deposits from upper arms, thighs or abdomen, while lax abdominal muscles can be tightened back up with a tummy tuck.By combining procedures in an individualized treatment plan, every woman can realize her full beauty potential after her childbearing years.