For Natural Breast Augmentation Results, Sometimes Less Is More

When you think about breast implants, the picture that leaps to mind is probably not that of a woman with a slim, modest figure. Yet, the latest trend in breast augmentation indicates that an increasing number of women choosing augmentation have a more subtle enhancement as their goal. When it comes to natural-looking results, is less really more?

The Big Picture

Breast implant results are about more than just looks. With everyone taking a new commitment toward living a healthier, more active lifestyle, very large breasts can sometimes seem to get in the way. Additionally, women who have worked hard to get into shape and are happy with their target weight and muscle tone may feel that larger breasts will make them look curvier than they’re comfortable with.

A few celebrities have recently talked publicly about downsizing their own implants, and more women are considering choosing a more modest approach toward augmentation from the start. While larger breasts do offer an undeniably dramatic figure, they can also limit fashion choices and increase self-consciousness. For other women, what seems like a great idea in theory becomes unmanageable in practice, and the novelty of larger implants sometimes wears off after a few years in favor of a look that’s more subtle and age-appropriate.

While it’s natural to assume that choosing smaller implants is the best way to ensure natural-looking breast augmentation results, it’s definitely not the only way. Even implants with a more generous volume can look flattering without being overwhelming, as long as you choose the right surgeon. The important thing is to take your time and make sure you’re committing to the look that’s right for you.