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Is Silicone Superior?

For women in the Tampa, St. Petersburg and Orlando area considering breast augmentation, silicone implants are the overwhelmingly popular choice over saline implants. Are silicone implants really that much superior? Or can you get the same results with saline, at a fraction of the cost?

Why Silicone?

Many women (and their surgeons) feel that silicone implants look more natural than saline. The cohesive nature of the gel helps silicone implants look and feel more like natural breast tissue. When saline implants are placed subglandularly in women without much natural breast tissue to provide coverage, surface ripples and implant edges sometimes become visible. Unlike saline, silicone implants are unlikely to show at all, regardless of placement or existing breast size.

Silicone implants are also lighter than saline, minimizing the risk of “bottoming out,” or downward implant migration that would require revision surgery. If saline implants rupture or leak, the affected breast will take on a visibly altered, deflated appearance. Since the filling in silicone implants is more cohesive, you’ll likely retain your breast shape even if there’s a breach in the implant shell.

Choosing Your Implants

Choosing which type of breast implant to use during your breast augmentation is a very personal decision. When you first visit my practice in Tampa for your consultation, this is one of the main topics we’ll cover. Silicone isn’t necessarily superior, but silicone implants may be better for some women than saline, while saline may be better for others. Working together, we’ll find the best option to suit your body.