Secrets to a Great Cosmetic Surgery Consultation

Being happy with the results of your breast augmentation in Tampa starts out with a very important first step: a great consultation. Here are some tips to get you off on the right foot.

Clear Communication

Open and honest communication with your cosmetic surgeon is an important part of ensuring a good consultation, not to mention being happy with the results of your procedure. This is particularly important for women considering breast augmentation. Although it’s one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in Tampa-St. Petersburg, Orlando and the rest of Florida, there still remains a lot of miscommunication when it comes to breast augmentation.

For one thing, most women think about breast size in terms of bra size or cup size, yet breast implants are measured by their volume. You and your surgeon have to find an understanding about the hopes you hold for your results in a language you can both understand. Bringing pictures along to your consultation can be very helpful, as this gives your surgeon a visual interpretation of your appearance goals.

Come Prepared

From the time you schedule your consultation until the day of your appointment, keep an ongoing list of questions that come up, and bring that list with you to your consultation. This is also a good time to ask about your surgeon’s qualifications and experience, and to look at patient before and after photos. If your surgeon isn’t willing or able to answer all your questions, start looking for another surgeon. This goes back to clear communication; it’s also important to work with a surgeon who respects you, will listen to you and who will address any concerns you may have.

By following these tips, you should be well on the road to feeling confident about the outcome of your procedure.