Will Pregnancy Affect Your Breast Augmentation Results?

A common concern among women with breast implants is whether their results will be affected by pregnancy. As rewarding as expanding your family can be, many women find that the effects of pregnancy on their bodies, and their breasts in particular, are less desirable. Here is a closer look at how pregnancy can affect your breast augmentation results.

Increased Volume

During pregnancy, the breasts typically increase in volume, sometimes by multiple cup sizes. For some augmentation patients, this is an unwanted burden, while for others, the increase in size may be a welcome enhancement. Usually, the increase in volume is temporary, and your breasts will resume their pre-pregnancy size after weaning. In this case, some women choose to change out their implants for a larger size after becoming used to their pregnancy breasts.


Because the breasts become swollen during pregnancy and nursing, the skin tends to stretch out. After weaning, the breasts may resume their former volume, but can adopt a degree of ptosis, or sagging, as a result of skin expansion. While sagging won’t necessarily change the position of your implants, it does change the position of your breasts. Typically, the implant remains in its original position, especially in the case of submuscular placement, but the breasts may sag off the implant. To resolve unwanted droopiness after pregnancy, your surgeon can replace your implant for a larger size or perform a breast lift.

Change in Shape

As women age and experience weight fluctuations characteristic of pregnancy, their breasts often take on a less rounded shape. Women with round implants may consider changing out their implants for teardrop shaped implants to accommodate the natural shape of their breasts. However, if a rounder, high profile shape is still desired, your surgeon can perform a breast lift to help maintain a youthful bust line.