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3 Breast Augmentation Secrets for Athletic Women

Breast augmentation for athletic women.Many women are both athletes and love having a feminine figure. However, when the topic of breast implants comes up, it is often assumed that they are not an option.

While large breasts can impede physical activity, there is still the option of breast augmentation for athletic women. And there are three secrets to making it work.

Size Up, but Not by Much

The first secret for athletic women is to keep their implant size within a reasonable range of their natural breasts. It’s fine to go up a cup size, maybe even two, but stop before going large enough to impede movement.

Even going up a single cup size can make a dramatic difference.

This is especially true for women who play a sport requiring a full range of arm movement, such as golfers. Breast augmentation can provide fullness without impacting performance.

Opt for Under the Muscle Placement

Breast implants can go over or under the pectoral muscle. When looking at breast augmentation for athletic women, under the muscle is better. It offers a more natural shape, provides a better barrier between the breast implant and potential sports-related injuries and might even help improve pectoral muscle tone.

Pick a Doctor Who Has Worked with Athletic Women

There are many factors to consider when seeking breast augmentation, but the biggest is the cosmetic surgeon you select. Look for those who have completed surgery for women with goals similar to yours. Ask to see the before and after photos to ensure they are likely to match with your vision.

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3 Breast Augmentation Secrets for Athletic Women
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3 Breast Augmentation Secrets for Athletic Women
Dr. Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa, FL divulges the three secrets of breast augmentation for athletic women.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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