3 Factors in Cosmetic Surgery Costs

plastic-surgery-costsOne of the first things patients want to know when considering a cosmetic surgery procedure is how much the surgery will cost. Needless to say the final cost of any surgery depends on several factors, some of which can be predicted and others which may be unique to the circumstances. Despite some contingencies, there are three standard components in the final cost of your cosmetic surgery procedure.

Surgeon’s Fee

The surgeon’s fee is the one most people expect when they think about having surgery. Part of the surgeon’s fee is what the cosmetic surgeon charges for his or her surgical expertise and services. This cost also goes toward basic operational expenses, such as the building lease and office staff. The fee I charge depends on the type of procedure I perform, and during our office consultation my staff can explain the base fee for your procedure and discuss any factors that may result in a higher or lower final cost.

Facility Fee

In order to perform a surgery, I need the assistance of several highly skilled professionals, including intake and surgical nurses, surgical technicians, and recovery personnel. Their time, knowledge, and expertise are a component of the facility fee. Another aspect of the facility fee would be any devices required in the procedure, such as breast or face implants, medical pumps, and other accessories that may be required to achieve the very best outcome in your surgery.

Anesthesiologist Fees

If your surgery requires general anesthesia, an anesthesiologist will need to be on hand. The cost of the anesthesiologist’s time, knowledge, and skills is another component of the overall cost of your surgery. In some procedures a local anesthetic will suffice, and there would be a lower anesthesiologist fee. By contrast, if a procedure takes longer than expected, the anesthesiologist fees will be higher.

An additional cost involved with certain procedure is the device or product being used for the procedure. For instance, breast implants or facial implants will have their own price.