3 Funny Target Spots for Laser Hair Removal

Man in jeansWhen most people think of laser hair removal, they think about the legs, underarms and bikini area. In reality, our entire bodies are covered in hair follicles, so it makes sense that some men and women may experience body hair in areas less commonly associated with LHR. Here are three funny target spots that laser hair removal can help.

1. Feet

You’re probably familiar with the term “hobbit feet” to describe hairy male feet. And, while women tend to grow less foot hair than men, it’s not at all unusual for women to have some fine hair on the tops of their feet and toes as well. Both men and women have been known to request LHR to remove all traces of unwanted furriness from below the ankle.

2. Back and Shoulders

Everyone has hair on the backs and shoulders, but some have more than others. This area is nearly impossible to shave, and can be embarrassing over the summer when the warm weather calls for beachwear. LHR can remove conspicuous back hair so you can feel confident in all seasons, no matter what you’re wearing.

3. Face

While you probably associate bearded women with the circus, having some peach fuzz above the lip, around the jaw line and especially on the chin are all common traits in women. Natural as it may be, that doesn’t mean women are as proud to sport facial hair as their male counterparts. LHR can be used to remove facial hair on women and men alike, as well as tidy frequently-plucked areas like the eyebrows.