3 Reasons Lipo Could Be Perfect for Eliminating Your Love Handles

While it’s important to reach your target weight and have a healthy BMI prior to undergoing liposuction, this body contouring method can effectively target stubborn pockets of subcutaneous fat, the type of fat that doesn’t easily respond to diet and exercise. Here are three ways lipo can help eliminate the most well-known example of subcutaneous fat: the love handles.

1. Love Handles Are Notoriously Hard to Eliminate

Love handles are notoriously unresponsive to even the most committed weight loss efforts. You can be in excellent health and still have lingering love handles that simply won’t go away. Rather than worry about those hip rolls over your waistband, liposuction can target specific problem areas to deliver smooth, natural-looking contours.

2. Love Handles Are Primarily Subcutaneous Fat

As opposed to visceral fat, which responds quite well to diet and exercise, subcutaneous fat is much trickier to eliminate. Located just under the skin, subcutaneous fat builds up in isolated pockets that commonly become lodged around areas like the abdomen, creating love handles. While subcutaneous fat isn’t often associated with poor health, it can be embarrassing and exasperating. Lipo is ideal for slimming down stubborn spots like the love handles.

3. Even Targeted Exercise Can’t Target Love Handles

Targeted exercises can be helpful in developing specific muscle groups, but as far as weight loss goes, each person’s body stores fat a little differently. Burning calories can help you weigh less on a scale, but you can’t control where the weight’s lost from. With liposuction, you can create ideal body contours instead of leaving shapeliness up to chance.