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3 Reasons More Patients Are Asking for Liposuction

Male absMost of my patients know that liposuction is a very commonly performed procedure, but they’re often surprised to learn that lipo is actually the most popular cosmetic surgery in the world. That’s right – even more so than breast augmentation, probably because it’s a surgery that both men and women can benefit from. There are many reasons my patients ask about lipo, but here are three of the most common.

1. Exercise Isn’t Enough

Fat distribution is strongly influenced by genetics. Even for those patients with very active lifestyles and a strong commitment to physical fitness, there may still be fatty deposits that exercise can’t tackle. For active patients with highly diet- and exercise-resistant fatty areas, lipo is a great solution to put the finishing touch on a fit physique.

2. Precision Targeting of Trouble Spots

Perhaps you have a relatively toned waist and stomach but a maddening muffin top makes you look heavier than the number on the scale. Liposuction targets trouble spots in men and women, and can be excellent for addressing specific problem areas of nearly any size. You may be surprised by just how precise an experienced surgeon can be when using lipo for body contouring.

3. Improved Self-Esteem

Here in Tampa, we can sport swimwear and summer styles nearly year-round, which can feel like a lot of extra pressure to look your best at every season. Liposuction can help bring your overall proportions into harmony for better body confidence no matter what you’re wearing. Enhanced self-esteem is especially evident in my patients when a particular feature that has always caused frustration is finally brought into proportional harmony with the rest of their bodies.