3 Ways Ultrasonic Lipo Delivers Better Results

here is a range of liposuction techniques available today for men and women who wish to fine-tuneshutterstock_59467576 their body contours. While the most important factor in creating the best liposuction results is your choice of body contouring surgeon, the approach your surgeon uses to remove fat cells from your target area can also play a big role in determining your final outcome. Ultrasonic liposuction is an innovative technique that liquefies fat using ultrasonic energy, and for some, may prove to be the best option for creating a slimmer figure.

1. Greater Precision

Because ultrasonic liposuction uses targeted sound waves to selectively destroy fat cells, this liposuction technique can deliver greater precision than methods that require the manual breaking of fat cells. That’s why patients seeking a solution to stubborn fat in small or hard-to-reach treatment areas, such as the chin, ankles, knees or cheeks often choose ultrasonic liposuction.

2. Ideal for Fibrous Treatment Areas

Not all fat deposits in the body are equal. Some areas are known for storing denser pockets of fat that can be more difficult to break apart and remove with traditional liposuction methods. These fibrous treatment areas can often benefit most from ultrasonic liposuction, which melts fat cells, making them easier to remove. The male breasts, the back and the ankles are all places that typically store denser volumes of fat, making these target spots ideal for UAL.

3. Faster Recovery

One of the greatest benefits of ultrasonic liposuction is the technique’s quicker average recovery time. Because of the precision of ultrasonic targeting, UAL leaves much of the surrounding tissue and nerves unharmed, resulting in less trauma to the body. This means that patients who choose ultrasonic liposuction can return to their normal routines and enjoy their results sooner.