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Celebrity Noses: Cosmetic Inspiration or Unrealistic Expectations?

eyelid-surgeryRhinoplasty remains a common facial cosmetic surgery procedure, and it’s easy to understand why. The nose is the center of your face, and off-balance proportions can detract from your better features. Some people who are considering nose surgery like to bring in pictures of their “dream look” during a plastic surgery consultation, and oftentimes these photos are of celebrities. But when it comes to nose surgery, how realistic is it to strive for a celebrity nose?

Celebrity Noses Can Inspire Your Cosmetic Goals

On one hand, taking inspiration from celebrity noses can be a great way for rhinoplasty candidates to gain a better understanding for the kinds of results they’re looking for. Rachel McAdams, Britney Spears, Nicole Kidman and Natalie Portman all have noses that many women considering rhinoplasty find attractive. Men have a similar list of celebrities and sports figures to point to.

Natural Facial Anatomy Plays a Role

The risk of fixating on a particular celebrity nose is that your natural facial anatomy plays a major role in determining the results that are achievable with nose surgery. Not only may it not be possible to replicate a celebrity nose precisely, but someone else’s nose on your face may simply not look as flattering as it does on theirs. Since the nose is critical in harmonizing all of your facial features, it’s important to consider all of your proportions together when thinking about your rhinoplasty results.

Improvement over Perfection

Cosmetic surgery in general is about enhancing your natural appearance, not achieving perfection. By taking your natural nose shape into consideration as you plan your rhinoplasty, you can use celebrity inspiration to influence your ideal results without adopting unrealistic expectations. With realistic goals and a skilled rhinoplasty surgeon, your nose job results can balance your facial appearance in just the right way.