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Do You Really Need a Compression Garment after a Tummy Tuck?

Woman with long curly hair wearing a crop tank and jeans in fron of pink background.The idea of having abdominal surgery and then binding your stomach might sound less than appealing, but wearing a compression garment after a tummy tuck comes with a whole host of benefits.

So before you think about skipping out on this crucial aspect of abdominoplasty recovery, take a look at these three top reasons to keep your compression garment on.

1. Surgery Equals Swelling

A tummy tuck is a surgical procedure, and that means that incisions and, therefore ,swelling will inherently be involved. A compression garment helps to prevent that swelling from becoming too great, which can be uncomfortable and compromise your results.

Fluid buildup is normal after surgery, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t problematic. Compression garments help to minimize this.

2. Skin Ripples Can Happen

Without the right post-surgery support, bumps and ripples may form as you recover from your tumm tuck. Wearing a compression garment after a tummy tuck helps to minimize this risk, providing you with the best possible results.

You may be asked to wear your compression garment for around six weeks after your tummy tuck, although this can vary from person to person.

3. Compression Provides Comfort

The counter-pressure provided by compression garments can help to make you more comfortable as you heal after your tummy tuck. In fact, the added compression can make everything from coughing to moving around the house easier to do. While you’ll still have some physical limitations as you continue to heal, the help of a compression garment can help you get going faster.

If you’re still curious about why a compression garment is so important, Dr. Castellano would be happy to discuss this during your tummy tuck consultation. Call our Tampa office at 813-872-6093 to schedule yours.

Do You Really Need a Compression Garment after a Tummy Tuck?
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Do You Really Need a Compression Garment after a Tummy Tuck?
Cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano of Tampa, Florida explains why and how long you need to wear a compression garment after your tummy tuck.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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