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Tummy Tuck Timeline: When to Resume Your Workout

After surgery of any kind,147061273 proper recovery and plenty of downtime is invaluable. When a patient undergoes a tummy tuck, rushing back to the workplace or jumping into the gym can adversely affect the time it takes to heal and the overall results of a procedure. Following a personal tummy tuck timeline and easing yourself back into a workout is important. Here’s an outline to follow after your procedure:

Week 1

The first few days following your tummy tuck can be challenging, especially if you’re used to being active. It’s essential that this first week of recovery focus on rest and relaxation. You want to avoid stress that could lead to increased swelling and blood clots, so limit yourself to short walks on flat surfaces. Walking helps promote blood flow, but you don’t want to overdo it by walking too far or up and down steep inclines.

Weeks 2-5

Being smart regarding the amount and intensity of physical activity during weeks two through five plays an important role in your overall recovery. Your system is still adjusting to the demands of surgery, and it’s during the first two months of recovery that your body heals the most. Again, try not to overdo things, but increasing physical activity slowly and steadily helps strengthen muscle tissue and keeps the blood flowing.

After 6-8 Weeks

Two months is a good benchmark to keep in mind, and after six to eight weeks’ time there’s less risk of aggravating and re-opening your incision. You’ll feel stronger and healthier by now, and it’s safer to include more vigorous activities. Your muscle, skin, and connective tissues should be nearing full strength, but be wary of overstraining yourself.

Everyone heals differently and at different speeds. There’s no need to rush when trying to resume regular activities.