Facelift Press Release

In the field of cosmetic surgery, terminology and procedures are often thrown around by the layman with little real understanding of what they mean. Few procedures are as misunderstood as the facelift. For that reason people are often in the dark when it comes to determining whether or not the procedure is appropriate for them, or if they would even be a suitable candidate. Nothing can act as a substitute for speaking with a good cosmetic surgeon, but here are some indications that a facelift might be the procedure you want.


A facelift is designed to remove some obvious signs of aging. As the face is the first place people will usually note these signs, it makes sense that it would become one of the most popular forms of cosmetic surgery for people.


What does the facelift procedure do?


A facelift can;


  • Reduce the appearance of jowls.
  • Correct sagging in the middle of the face.
  • Correct that sagging chin that has little to do with excess weight.
  • Remove some of the deeper creases around the corners of the mouth.
  • Remove or reduce some of the deeper creases along the lower eyelids.

While a facelift can dramatically change a face, it is important to realize the limitations of the procedure.


A facelift procedure does not have significant effect on wrinkled skin, and different chemical injections would instead be put forward as a strategy for effective treatment. Chemical injections, like Botox, have been proven a popular strategy for people looking to reduce lines in their appearance. Chemical injections are nonsurgical, and are nearly unparalleled when it comes to giving the skin a smooth appearance.


As a candidate for a facelift you will have to qualify for a facelift in terms of having issues that the procedure can correct, you will also have to meet minimum health standards for undergoing the work. This means having a fairly healthy heart, you must not be a smoker and your mental outlook must be realistic regarding the potential outcome of the surgical procedure.


If you enter into the research phase of the facelift procedure with the idea that you “want to look better and feel more confident,” you will be very satisfied with the results of the facelift procedure.


Dr. Joseph Castellano looks forward to speaking with you about your specific facelift questions, and suggests that you visit Castellano Cosmetic Surgery online to learn more about services offered.


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