For Natural Breast Augmentation Results, Sometimes Less Is More

The latest trend in breast augmentation for Tampa women is toward a more natural looking result. This has led to a new increase in popularity for smaller breast implants among local women. Can you noticeably boost the size of your breasts with smaller implants, or is going bigger better?

The Effect of Implants

Many women are concerned that if they choose a smaller implant, the results won’t have enough of an impact to meet their appearance goals. Yet, the most successful surgeries are those that aren’t immediately apparent. People will definitely notice that you look better somehow, but maybe can’t quite put their finger on exactly what’s changed. Most women prefer this level of improvement, as it keeps them from feeling self-conscious about their breast augmentation, yet they can still enjoy improved levels of self-confidence and feel great about their new look.

Larger implants are definitely more noticeable, and some women do want the dramatic look that larger implants deliver. Yet, like many other cosmetic surgeons, I personally feel that an instantly noticeable breast augmentation is not the sign of a successful surgery. Instead, I pride myself on making sure that the breast augmentations I perform are complementary to the patient’s frame and existing figure, while still giving them the sexier curves they want.

Whether big or small, there’s really no wrong answer when it comes to breast implants, only the answer that works best for you. If you want beautiful, subtle enhancement that gives your appearance a boost without being overwhelming, then you might want to consider a less-is-more approach to breast augmentation.

Breast Implants: Less Is More for Natural Results
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Breast Implants: Less Is More for Natural Results
Tampa women considering breast augmentation are leaning toward a preference for subtle enhancement rather than dramatic results, and this is impacting breast implant choice as well.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery in Tampa
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