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Getting Great Lipo Results

One of the greatest misconceptions I hear about getting liposuction in Tampa is the idea of using it to lose weight. In reality, one of the best ways you can ensure great lipo results is by reaching your target weight before surgery.

How Weight Loss Works

Noticeable weight gain often affects fat far below the surface of the skin, called visceral fat. These fatty deposits build up around internal organs, and may even impact important body functions like hormone production. Diet and exercise is the only way to lose visceral fat cells; liposuction only removes subcutaneous fat cells that lie closer to the skin’s surface.

Liposuction also is not appropriate for removing several pounds of fat from the body. The procedure is really intended to just target one or two stubborn spots that typically don’t respond to diet or exercise, such as the love handles or the outer thighs.

For patients who are more than 10 pounds over their ideal weight, weight loss should be a primary goal before liposuction. Fluctuating weight levels will make liposuction results unpredictable; weight lost after lipo will change the contours of the body further, which may necessitate additional procedures. Weight gained after lipo can undo the results of your body sculpting.

Looking Your Best

Looking your best is an important part of the beach culture in Tampa/St. Petersburg. That starts with eating right and staying active. Cosmetic procedures like liposuction can be the final polish for all your hard work, but only after you’ve reached a healthy target weight.