How Far Would You Drive for Cosmetic Surgery?

The question isn’t how far would you go for the right doctor, but how far would you drive? Many of my patients travel a pretty good distance for their cosmetic surgery, from Orlando, FL all the way here to Tampa.


The Importance of Connection

Does this mean there aren’t any good cosmetic surgeons up in Orlando? Of course not. But it’s not always about your credentials and testimonials. A lot of the time, the cosmetic surgeon you choose is much more than just a physician. We have to be part counselor, part support network, and of course, part doctor.


Deciding to travel here to Tampa for cosmetic surgery means that those patients are making a choice to actively seek out their top choice of practitioner instead of taking the more convenient route and sticking close to home. What they instinctually know is that whichever surgeon they choose is someone they could potentially have a long-term relationship with. And, just like any long-term relationship, distance is no object for the right connection.


Making the Choice

Cosmetic surgery is a major investment, not just financially but mentally and emotionally too. You only have one face and body to live with, and you want to make sure that you’re putting in hands that will appreciate all your unique qualities and bring out the best in you.
When it comes to finding this rare and particular skillset, a little drive doesn’t seem like much of a hassle after all. Take the time to find the best practitioner, the one with the right combination of experience and personal connection, then travel to wherever they are. The right surgeons can be hard to find.