How Gummy Bear Breast Implants Got Their Name

Many women seeking breast augmentation in Tampa come to my office asking about “gummy bear implants.” It’s a funny name, but it sure is a catchier term than their official description of “cohesive silicone gel implants.” If you’re interested in getting yourself some gummy bears, you may also be interested in how they got their name.


Gummy Bear Origins

The cohesive gel implants have a natural give, yet are firm enough to hold their shape… just like gummy bear candies. It’s this unique combination of qualities that makes them so popular; these implants feel more like natural breast tissue than their liquid-filled predecessors.


Benefits of the Bears

Cohesive gel implants have a lot of benefits. Traditional implants can collapse or leak over time. They may also become rippled or hard if overfilled. Gummy bear implants, on the other hand, won’t deflate. Even if they lost their containing shell, the material holds together in place. This is a tremendous benefit for women who may still have lingering safety concerns over the use of silicone.


Choosing Your Implant

The majority of breast augmentations in Tampa are performed using silicone gel implants, and the popularity of gummy bear implants continues to increase. If you’re interested in getting your own “pair of bears,” schedule a consultation to see if cohesive silicone gel may be able to give you the results you want.