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How the Keller Funnel Works during Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgeon using the keller funnel to insert a breast implant.Cosmetic surgeons are always looking for better and safer ways of performing their work. One development that has greatly improved breast augmentation is the Keller funnel.

At Dr. Castellano’s practice, women throughout Tampa have long benefited from this device when getting breast implants. Here’s what you should know about the Keller funnel.

What Is the Keller Funnel?

The Keller funnel makes the placement of silicone gel implants faster and easier than digital insertion.

It is a device that is FDA approved for placing silicone gel implants. When you see it, it looks a bit odd—much like a cake decorating bag. It is used to place silicone gel implants in the breast pocket.

How it works is pretty simple. The soft, narrow tip of the funnel is placed into the incision. Then, the implant is placed inside the funnel. The surgeon gently squeezes the funnel so that the implant moves into the breast pocket. After it is correctly placed, the surgeon removes the funnel and closes the incision.

Keller Funnel Benefits

Use of the Keller funnel comes with numerous benefits, which is why so many cosmetic surgeons prefer it. These include:

  • Smaller incisions due to the narrow tip of the funnel
  • Reduced risk of infection since it requires no touching, making it maximally sterile
  • Quicker healing due to less trauma to the breast tissue
  • Faster placement, as the Keller funnel takes just seconds

Dr. Joseph Castellano uses the Keller funnel for his placement of silicone gel implants. To learn more about how the procedure works and the benefits it could offer you, schedule an appointment. Simply call the office at 813-872-6093 or contact us online.


How the Keller Funnel Works during Breast Augmentation
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How the Keller Funnel Works during Breast Augmentation
Tampa cosmetic surgeon Joseph Castellano of Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center explains how breast implants are filled in place with use of the Keller funnel.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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