Importance of Implant Size

Women from Orlando to St. Petersburg visit my practice specifically for breast augmentation. And nearly all of them tell me the same thing at our initial consultation: their ideal bra size. When I explain that breast implants are measured by volume, not cup size, they’re invariably surprised. That’s exactly why working together closely before the surgery is so important.


Volume vs. Size

Breast augmentation, by definition, means getting larger breasts. These days, though, augmentation isn’t just about going larger. Instead, the focus is on a whole-body aesthetic. The entire industry is changing to reflect this shift. Implants are shaped differently for a more natural slope, implants that feel more like natural breast tissue are gaining preference and women overall are choosing a subtle boost more often than a dramatic new profile.


Whatever your goals are for the surgery, understanding how breast size and shape work with the rest of your body is key to a successful surgery. One size implant may look like a C cup on a small, slender woman, yet only a B cup on a woman with a different build. I work closely with you during your breast augmentation consultation at my Tampa office to make sure I understand your goals completely before proceeding with the surgery.


Another factor to take into consideration is your lifestyle. If you’re an avid runner, for example, larger implants may not be practical or comfortable. Again, these are all things that we’ll discuss at your consultation. In the end, my goal is the same as yours: I want you to feel and look your best. It’s one of the reasons I became a breast augmentation specialist in the first place.