Laser Hair Removal for Men

Although hair removal in general is thought of primarily as a treatment for women, laser hair removal benefits Tampa men as well. Whether you’re looking for a permanent solution to unwanted hair growth, or just want to thin out the density of your body hair, laser hair removal may be the answer.

The Learning Curve

The majority of women start dealing with unwanted hair around the age of junior high, usually by shaving their legs and underarms. When you start habits from such a young age, you have a lot more knowledge about how to handle these kinds of things as you grow older.

Other than facial shaving, most men don’t think much about hair removal. In fact, a lot of the more embarrassing body hair that men notice doesn’t appear until later in life. Hair on the back, ears or lower neck grows in more thickly as men age. By that time, though, men are way behind the learning curve as far as learning what types of hair removal options are available to them.

The choices for male hair removal are the same as for women: waxing, shaving, plucking, and of course laser hair removal. For most Tampa-St. Petersburg men, the idea of shaving your own back is physically impossible, while waxing is a painful and expensive long-term commitment, with repeat treatments needed about once a month. Plus, neither option allows men to just thin the density of their body hair to make it less noticeable.

Laser hair removal remains the most convenient choice for men when it comes to unwanted hair. Whether looking for full removal or just thinning certain areas to make hair growth less noticeable, laser hair removal remains a popular and permanent solution.