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Should Your Breast Augmentation Include a “Designer Nipple”?

woman in blue braJust as fashion styles come and go, so do some breast augmentation trends. One of the latest trends is the so-called “designer nipple,” which might not be such a good idea for every woman. Read on to learn more about what this trend is, exactly, and how to customize your breast enhancement the right way.

What Are “Designer Nipples”?

More and more celebrities are choosing to flaunt their nipples on the red carpet – literally. See-through dresses and blouses are “in” right now, which is leaving lots of women taking a closer look at their nipples. Because of this, cosmetic surgeons are getting an increasing number of requests for “naked-dress-ready” nipples.

Some of the most notable nipple trends right now are smaller areolas, perfect symmetry and perkier, protruding nipples.

Be Wary of Fad Breast Augmentation Trends

There are plenty of realistic reasons why a woman might want to address the size, shape or symmetry of her nipples as part of her breast augmentation. One of the most common reasons would be following a pregnancy or breastfeeding.

However, if you’re considering drastically changing what your nipples look like just to fit in with the designer nipple trend, you might want to rethink your plan.

For one, who knows what the new breast augmentation trends will be in the future? Secondly, certain incisions near the nipple may interfere with nipple sensation or your ability to breastfeed down the road.

Planning Your Breast Enhancement

Whether you’re thinking about a breast lift, augmentation or even a nipple procedure, the best way to customize your breast enhancement is to consult an experienced cosmetic surgeon. He or she can listen to your goals and design a surgical plan that’s right for you.


Should Your Breast Augmentation Include a "Designer Nipple"?
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Should Your Breast Augmentation Include a "Designer Nipple"?
Why are "designer nipples" one of the latest breast augmentation trends? Tampa cosmetic surgeon Dr. Joseph Castellano explains why you don't need a fancy nipple for great breast implant results.
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Castellano Cosmetic Surgery Center in Tampa
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