Spotting Breast Implants

Many women in the Tampa area are still hesitant about moving forward with breast augmentation out of fear that the results will be too obvious. While this is understandable, let me be the first to assure you that the days of easily spotted cosmetic work are a thing of the past.



Like many misconceptions, imagining breast augmentation as results that look like “two grapefruit halves” probably has some basis in a very old truth. In the early days of successful implants, the excitement of going bigger was so overwhelming that no one stopped to think about whether or not the results looked natural. Plus, standards for beauty change every couple decades or so, and the dramatic, high profile breast implants are becoming less popular these days as current beauty trends are focusing on a more natural look.


While high profile implants are still available if that’s the look you want, you can also choose implants that have a teardrop shape that’s more like a natural breast. As surgical techniques improve, scars are unobtrusive to the point of invisible. And, as implant designs improve, their feel is closer to natural breast tissue. There are so many options out there designed to grant subtlety to your procedure that it’s nearly impossible to tell if breasts are real or not these days.


Better Results

All of this is not to say that your breast augmentation results from my Tampa practice won’t be noticeable; they absolutely will. You’ll feel sexier, curvier and more self-confident even with very modest implants. The goal of my surgeries is to bring out the best in every woman. And every time, the most flattering changes are those that come from within when you feel great about your appearance.