The Cosmetic Surgeon as Tour Guide and Mentor

dr-castallonIt’s not uncommon to field plenty of detailed questions about cosmetic surgery options during a consultation. After all, there seem to be so many choices out there these days that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. I think cosmetic surgeons can help alleviate this stress by taking on a new role for their patients: tour guide and mentor.

Surgeon as Resource

Although more men and women visit my office prepared with plenty of research these days, there’s still a lot of information that the Internet doesn’t cover. Whether it’s discussing the latest surgical techniques or talking about the specific steps I’ll take during surgery, every patient should expect to learn far more information than ever expected when we meet in person.

The surgeon’s role extends well beyond the walls of the operating room, particularly in such a subjective field as cosmetic surgery. A lot more communication needs to take place between surgeon and patient compared to non-elective procedures, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page is an essential component of delivering optimum results.

To this end, what I like to do is offer my patients enough background to help them feel more informed and prepared but without going overboard. I also like to point them toward accurate resources if they do want to learn more on their own. Most importantly, I make sure they know that my door is always open if they have further questions or concerns that come up in between our meetings. A better-prepared patient means more realistic expectations and a less stressful recovery, and that’s exactly what I want when leading patients through the unfamiliar world of cosmetic surgery.