What Defines the Perfect Breast?

Woman in braPopular standards of beauty change with time, creating shifting preferences for different body shapes and types. Interestingly, a recent study found that dimensions may be more important than size for the idealized female breast. Determining what makes the “perfect” breast is a rather subjective process, but this study conducted by British plastic surgeons did find some measurable results. According to their findings, breasts that met certain specific dimensions were deemed most beautiful, regardless of their size or whether or not they were surgically enhanced.

Perfect Proportions

The study determined that the perfect breast meets four specific criteria:

  • A 45:55 ratio between upper and lower poles of the breast and the nipple meridian
  • A mean nipple angle of 20°
  • A concave slope across the upper pole
  • A convex shape across the lower pole.

The models used in the initial study all had natural breasts rather than breast implants. Breasts that deviated from the model norms above, whether natural or surgically altered, were deemed “less attractive” when evaluated by study participants.

Can Surgery Help?

Cosmetic surgery can create beautiful, well-proportioned breasts that live up to your specific needs and desires, even if you don’t care about the ratio of upper and lower pole to nipple meridian or how convex or concave your slope may look.

Ultimately, the perfect breast is a personal decision made between you and your surgeon. While preferences evolve with time, changing fashions, and cultural factors, feeling great about your body depends on personal tastes, not scientific data.